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Jul 8, 2018
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So last month I hit a brick wall after realizing the furthest I would get with my original concept was a product pitch contest for which actually participating was tragically upended by circumstance (specifically an unexpected combination of funding issues and lifestyle consequence as I couldn't get clearance to do another trip following my Alaska cruise, plus my UC also decided to to act up on me in the literal morning of 9/13 which of course was also a Friday morning of all possible combinations thereof) and it left me with no choice but to cancel the project and find alternative plans or (God forbid) destroy basically everything that's not community safe. In the time since I have come up with an alternate concept, improvements to the storytelling process and other functional changes, but probably the biggest issue that I noticed when developing the existing content that I have to date is that I completely suck at marketing. In other words, I basically realized that 1: my original concept may not have been as easy to build around with any range of success as I hoped it would, and 2: I seem to be tied up against the proverbial brick wall in terms of doing everything by myself.

Which brings me to the point of my request. Regardless of what ultimately happens to all that I did to this point, I'm probably going to need a partner in this at the very least (if not an outright transfer of responsibility or property rights) and I was wondering if anyone can advise on this. I'd hate to give up completely (even considering that I already gave up on one idea) but seeing that I was also going for retail on Steam, itch etc. I think I'm going to need more than I can do for myself if I hope to make anything work.

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