Advice (or template) on SV_Battler Proportions (for MV)

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Nov 11, 2015
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The resource I'm looking for is an advice or template for a specific type of SV_Battler for RPG Maker MV.

We all known the chibi SV_Battler that is the default for RM MV: A 64x64 sprite with roughly 32 pixels for head (proportion head/body of 1:1). But even with this kind of battler being quite good for showing facial expressions, some kind of games doesn't take this approach nicely...

I'm looking for advice/template/inspiration for a custom animated SV_Battler for a "western"-type.

For example, Fire Emblem, although being a japanese game, have their battle sprites with a nice proportion (4 pixels for a 32 pixel body). It is kind of what I want, but with a higher size or with a template, since I'm finding very hard to mess with this small sprite. Heroes of Might and Magic II, too, have this kind of proportion (10 pixels head for 70 pixels body), but they're "stiff-y" to accommodate the small hex where they must step on. The Holder's Battler are a nice replacement, but they don't follow the proportion (1:7), being instead 1:4, approximately.

But even with great examples, I find it very hard to "undress" the characters or making a template by myself that doesn't look, for the lack of a better word, ridiculous.

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