Jul 31, 2015
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Hello, all

I commissioned some artwork to compliment the amazing KemonoSD packs by Ækashics. The art features some walking sprites, some SV battlers with multiple variations, and their associated weapons.

The resources are free for commercial and non-commercial use, just credit 'fstar9688, RPG Maker forum'.

SV Hero and his sword
SV_SDHero.pngSV_SDHero (Variant2).pngSV_SDHero (New Format).pngsingle sword.png
SV Ranger and his crossbow
SV_SDRanger.pngSV_SDRanger Alternate Win (Static).pngSV_SDRanger Alternate Win (Moving Head).pngWeapons hunter.png
SV Mage and his staff
SV_SDMage.pngSV_SDMage2.pngWeapons Mage.png
SV Knight and her sword
Kraken Knight walking sprite
Boar Knight walking sprite
Sorcerer walki- err, floating sprite

Here are the links to the KemonoSD packs by Ækashics. I am in no way associated with Ækashics; I just think these packs deserve a bit more attention and love, hence the above expansion. Plus, these were designed to be used in tandem, so... it's canny helpful.

I hope you enjoy these. There shall be at least one more addition, coming soon, and hopefully at least one more item that isn't really related to KemonoSD but compliments it well enough.
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