May 4, 2020
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Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to check out my game, Aeon's Destiny!
So much love has gone into this, as it's been a lifelong dream to create my own game that focuses heavily on story and character development.
Title: Aeon's Destiny
Current Version: 1.0
Price: $2.99 - $4.89
Engine: RPG Maker MV

Brief overview:
Aeon’s Destiny is a 5 – 10 hour indie RPG with 8 unique endings, set in the fantasy world of Eruto. The player controls a fallen paladin who has lost his memories, found crashed onto the floor of a forest by an old man. He is soon tasked with protecting Aeon, a quiet girl from Eldigen Village who has somehow absorbed the powers of the fallen God, Fortuna. Along with Aeon’s rage-filled brother Zave and comically wacky alchemist Epora, the group journeys to Mt. Alpho, far to the North, in the hope to communicate with the remaining Gods and prevent the imbalance that is slowly killing their world.

The player can build up their relationship with each party member through dialogue choices and other actions to unlock extra possibilities at the end of the game.

Below is a link to the trailer and itch.io page! Thank you for your time and support!



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Dec 12, 2020
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I just bought the game (deluxe version) and started my playthrough. The game looks promising, but there's one annoying issue: The game constantly autosaves over a certain save file (especially the first one loaded for a playing session), despite autosave being disabled in the options. Could you please fix this issue?

Edit: Every time I close and restart the game, autosave is "on" again, which might be a hint that the game doesn't register disabling autosave.
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Dec 12, 2020
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This game isn't bad considering its price and that it's your first commercial game, but I found some bugs and inconsistencies during my playthrough (apart from the already mentioned autosave issue):

- Opportunities to permanently lose the airship (which cuts off access to the two optional post-game boss monsters):
-- Landing on the lower tiles of the Order Fortress west of Darkshift Castle, then walking south, thus activating the trigger that pushes the player eastwards with no way back
-- Landing east of Mt. Alpho Research Station, then entering Mt. Alpho Research Station

- Obstruction mapping:
-- Sadantra Town: the left part of the hill/wall south of the treasure chest (3000 Gold)
-- Darkshift Castle, item shop, white clothes in upper right corner
-- Mountain segment west of Sadantra Town: It shouldn't be possible to land the airship on the two tiles in the center. The same applies to several hills in the mountain segments north and west of Windric City and to many hills in other mountain segments.

- Is it intended that an applied bleeding effect has a chance to miss (i.e. not make the target lose HP)?

- Going first and being ambushed at the start of battles both don't seem to work at all.

- Before entering Eldigen Village for the first time: Trying to go too far north while walking as far on the right side as possible freezes the game (because the player can't be pushed back one tile anymore) (game-breaking).

- Eldigen Village: The farmer's wife still talks about the job her husband has to offer, even when the party has already completed the related side quest.

- Desert tower, top floor: Talking to Zave doesn't increase his relationship value (at least according to the save file info screen). The true ending is still obtainable, though.

- On several occasions, it's unclear if it's meant to be "Windric City" or "Wintric City" (it's probably supposed to be the former).

- Sadantra Town, prison: Hugging Epora during the cutscene doesn't increase her relationship value (at least according to the save file info screen). The true ending is still obtainable, though.

- Contrary to what the level-up screen states, Zave doesn't learn the skill "Dark Ray" when reaching level 22.

- Windric City, tavern: The "we still have time to head out" trigger when trying to leave the tavern after having spoken to Green is still active (once) even after already having completed the events at the castle.

- Warning, the following point alludes to a major story spoiler:
After leaving Darkshift Castle to the north and after the following cutscene, Artus can still be met at his house in Eldigen Village and still offers his usual dialogue lines, which doesn't make any sense at this point. At least he isn't there anymore after defeating the final main storyline boss monsters.

- "Snow Tower 5F" is called "Desert Tower 5F" on the save file info screen.

- The ship east of Mt. Alpho Research Station can be accessed earlier than intended, since there is a path (covered in clouds and leading to the ship) directly above Mt. Alpho Research Station where, if taken, the player isn't called off.

- After completing the main storyline, the final main storyline boss monsters can be fought again and again by returning to Mt. Alpho's summit. While being able to repeat these fights clearly isn't intended (even the sprites of the bad guys are invisible), doing this is the best way to gain EXP and more ultimate equipment pieces in particular (before facing the post-game boss monsters), and it makes obtaining the other endings easier (ironically, the bad ending is the hardest one to obtain).

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