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    The land of Ruhana has been viciously contaminated with wild dangerous monsters that threaten humanity. As the monsters begin to grow in numbers and strength, humans had little hopes of surviving for much longer. Small communities slowly formed to try and keep themselves going. But they were still no match for the monsters.

    With no means of changing the fate that was cursed upon them, Humans found hope in praying for sanctuary to God. An almighty entity that they all believed would take pity on his children and grant them deliverance from their fate. Yet, there were those who did not believe in God. Many humans refused to believe in a God that they could not see or hear. These humans chose to look for a more realistic means of changing their fate and began to fight against the monsters. These warriors became protectors of their communities, fighting off any monster that roamed too close to their homes.

    Three years ago, as hope for the human race survival became further out of reach, God revealed himself to the world and opened the gates to his home, the Kingdom of Aethereal. He welcomed his worshipers with open arms into his home to live in a new world where all threats are non-existent. The Kingdom of Aethereal was a paradise.

    Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for all humans of Ruhana. All those who chose not to believe in God, were refused access into the Kingdom. They were left behind in dying world and left to die with it, wishing that they could go back in time and believe in God.

    Angered by God’s harsh decision to play favorite among the humans, and man named Raj refused to accept God’s choice. He refused stand by and watch others find sanctuary while he and his loved ones are damned for the remainder of their lives. He decided to take action. Believing that death was the only true end for him, he sets out to find the Kingdom of Aethereal and kill God and all those who live with him. If he cannot live within the Kingdom of Aethereal, then no one will.

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    That is a great And original storyline to be sure! People Living on Earth after the proverbial end of days has already taken place is a concept I have always Wanted to see!

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