Jun 12, 2020
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Alright, so I'm trying to include a summoning character in my game, which SumRndmDde's Summon Core has made leagues easier to implement. However, I would prefer not to use the side-view battle option, and so have been trying to tweak my setup to work. I'm also using YEP_BattleStatusWindow to pretty up the battle menu.

I've cobbled together some javascript code that bridges the Summon Core to the front-view battle option, resulting in the summoned creature appearing above and to the right of the summoner's face in the battle menu. That all works, the summon works, and everything looks great (even have a hitpoint bar for the summon).

My plan is for the summoner to be one of the party of four people, and as such, having their summon appear on the menu bar would exceed the limit. Since the summon is an autobattler and doesn't have MP or TP, the hitpoint bar is all it needs, meaning I don't actually need it on the menu bar. To that goal, I've modified the Window_Battlestatus drawBasicArea and drawGaugeArea functions to skip drawing either for my summoned battler.

The problem is this: Highlight issues.png

As you can see, even though Frey (the wolf summon) has no gauges or anything in the actor menu area (as intended), attempting to target Frey with a spell or ability will still highlight the empty square. Additionally, while in side-view selecting Frey would cause the summon's sprite to flash with a highlight, I cannot seem to figure out how to cause that flashing effect in the front-view battle mode.

Ideally, when you select Frey, the wolf sprite would flash with a highlight, while nothing would highlight in the battle menu below. Can anyone more well versed with the javascript involved in RMMV help me figure this out? I can post my additional code that I'm using to modify the Summon Core, if that would help.

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