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Mar 26, 2016
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What is a practical way to handle things like albums in your game? If the player is collecting items or photos or recipes or whatever what is the best way to make a display page for what has been obtained and what has not been. My thought was a custom map but the problem I see with that is you wouldn't want player to warp to said map at every point of the game or the map they were on could reset events, etc? Is there a way to make it accessible from main menu and a decent display presentation without reseting the map the player is on ( As in transfer to another map causes)
I know there are bestiary plugins out there so the concept is real but can it be applied to other obtainable items?


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Mar 2, 2012
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If everything is portrayed by images that will fit on a single screen, you could use pictures. Common event called by the item/photo/recipe/whatever, display one image as the background, then based on conditions - switches, items in inventory, whatever - show or don't show pictures for each collectable. Use a Show Text with NO text and a transparent background, at the bottom of the screen, so the images will stay there until the player presses enter, then you can remove them all.

If it's something with text (recipe book, for example) you'll probably want to display a list of them, and let the player choose one and show the details. For that, you'd need a custom script/plugin. Actually, you might be able to show them one at a time as well, using pictures, and a choice box to allow next/last/exit options.

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