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May 14, 2020
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Hi everybody,

I'm currently working on an educational game, based on the answer-correctly-to-perform-action (especially during battles) idea.
I have it working and I am already quite pleased by the result (still there are lots of things to do), I have especially been focusing on creating a dungeon where to test all possible question types before going on with the story.

At the moment, the possible question types in the game are:
- question and answer choosing between multiple choices
- show image and answer choosing between multiple choices
- play audio and answer choosing between multiple choices
- all of the above but typing answer (with @biud436 fantastic script).
Note: I am not considering the idea of writing an answer using the on-screen-keyboard/characters (as when you choose your character's name), because I find it a slow and boring way to input text, not very suitable during battles.

First question is: are there other types of questions I am not aware of? Any plugin? I would like to know and experiment them now rather than later.

Second question is: given that with @biud436 text input script the answer is stored in the "script" box of the "control variables" window, is it possible to store at the same time (in the same variable) two possible options, using, for instance, a logical operator? For example writing in the same box "right_answ1" AND "right_answ2"? This would help me a lot because the game is intended to teach foreign languages, and in some cases I would like the answer to be considered correct if written with or without accent. Is this possible? Or are there any other way to do so?
Dec 16, 2017
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I made a plugin for educational games that might be useful for your project. You can DL a demo here that includes all the necessary files.

You can see what it does, broadly, here

What's especially helpful is that it includes HTML question builder forms. Instead of eventing your questions, you just fill them in a form (including rewards and penalties) and add that string the form produces to a json file -- super super easy.

It allows for short answer, true/false, and multiple choice questions. There's timer functionality and much more, so see the description for more details. You can call the plugin in battle, but because of how scenes work in RMMV (and my limitations as a programmer) when you call a short answer question in battle, you pop out of the scene and then return and restart the battle from scratch. BUT, the other question types work and keep you in the active battle.

to answer your second question, yes, that could be done with my plugin fairly easily. had intended to include it as a feature but am waiting for MZ before I expand it any further.
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