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    A 2D and 3D Puzzle Adventure Collectathon filled with clever puzzle solving and collectables.

    You travel through time, new worlds, and multiple dimensions to save your brother from the evil Spirit.
    Main Characters
    Joyce (You, the Hero)

    Bruce (The Princess)

    Evil Spirit (Bad Boi)

    Main Mechanic:
    • Change between 2D and 3D perspective.
    Side Mechanics:
    • Travel through time & dimensions.
    • Change seasons.
    • Create & change new life forms.
    • Set things on Fire or freeze them with Ice.

    Settings and Worlds
    12 worlds: 8 normal, 4 secret. They connect via a hub and each can be accessed once you have collected enough Orbs.
    There are Shrines spread over these Worlds. Each solved Shrine gives you an Orb.
    Each world is very different, each has its own secrets, story and use of the gameplay mechanics.

    The Worlds and Themes:
    1: Portals and Pizza
    2: A Christmas Carol (Village)
    2: New Light (Hotel)
    3: PT (Bootstrap Paradox)
    3: Fairytales of the Forest (Woods)
    4: Pure Imagination (Butterfly Garden)
    4: A God Complex (Community)
    4. Fire and Ice (Lake)
    5: Signs (Farm)
    5: Big Bang (Laboratory)
    5: Dalton's Library (Library)
    6: Fantasia

    • Every World has ~6 Shrines where mechanics will be explored through puzzle solving.
    • All Worlds have their own theme acording to their mechanics : light, seasons, electricity, fire, ice, time, reality filters, room placement, dimensions, and the Bootstrap Paradox.
    • Orbs are needed to progress. Each World has a big stone portal that requires Orbs to work. You'll receive them by solving Shrines.
    • There are 6 socks hidden in each World. Yes, collecting them all does something.
    • 100 Coins grands you the sellers' special secret.
    Key Features
    • 2,5D pop-up book and Classic 2D view switching.
    • Pixel Precise, 360 Degrees Fluent Movement (with WASD and Controller Support).
    • Beautiful Settings, Astonishing Lighting and Gorgeous HDR Characters & Tilesets.
    • ~12 Worlds, ~40 Shrines, ~1450 collectables, ~400 NPC's.

    Demo Download Link
    There is no demo available yet. If it becomes available it will be playable here: https://viegoltech.nl/ALMANAC

    Technical Specs
    At this moment in time (28 Aug. 2019) the games' size is about 1,7GB. The framerate is consistent @60fps on 1080p. Everything looks crystal clear.

    Release Date, Size and Price
    There are no Release Date and Price set in stone yet, but for now: The Release Date will be in 2020 and the Price will be about 60 Euro's.

    Development Background
    Thank you for reading all of that. I've been working on this project since october 2017 with each week spending at least 60 hours on it. Literally from the moment I wake up until I'm going to sleep. That being said development on ALMANAC is far from over...

    ALMANAC started out as a book called Dark Stories. It had about 40 written pages before the project was layed aside. About 1,5 years later I started developing a top down remake of the original Resident Evil It didn't even have a name yet, but I did want to use the story of Dark Stories: The same basic set-up as The Walking Dead but with a Silent Hill / The Evil Within / Evil Dead twist to it. It also used the concept of helping people to get over a lost someone by giving each chapter its own theme based on DABDA. It didn't work out because there wasn't a core mechanic to expand from.

    I kept Dark Stories' idea of being able to play the game over and over again in different ways based on player decisions. Portals became a thing. I wanted the concept of the game to be easy to understand so I decided just getting a key to a door was the best way to go. The most basic puzzle consists of 1 portal and 1 crystal. Get the crystal, put it in a portal, use the portal.
    At about the same time I discovered Ultra Mode 7. And half a year later I decided to scrap the concept of placing portals and DABDA (puzzles were to hard to understand and the whole concept was to dark and heavy) and deeply implement UM7 into the game. From there the more happy & energetic theme and 2D and 3D gameplay mechanic were born...

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    @Arend Galenkamp When you are ready to release it for sale, please be sure that you post it in the Commercial Releases section. Thanks and good luck!
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