RMMV Altered Ancient Gears II : (JRPG) Looking For Playtesters

Jul 4, 2020
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Hello Everyone, Hope your all having a wonderful and blessed day and are staying safe. I wanted to share something with you all. Im new to the Rpg maker forums as well as ive only have experience with the engine for a year. I always had a passion for gaming and wanted to be a developer. Gaming was an escape for me and helped me so much. After losing both of my parents at 6, being homeless and in foster care for 15 years and going through so much more. Originally it started as creating a game for my son, i always desired to create a world where i could covey all types of experiences, a world where people could come together and not let those experiences define who they are meant to be, or what there purpose in this world is. I discovered RPG maker VX ace a year and a half ago, and i literally had no idea what i was doing haha. But I finished my first game in a few months, Altered ancient gears Which still needs a lot of work. But then i transitioned into learning how to master RPG maker MV. And im so proud of what ive accomplished so far. I could use someones help, even if its just one person if you could just play test it for me and tell me what you think. This is the first project ive ever released publicly, and will be free to play once released. God has blessed all of us with many talents, and wouldn't be able to do it without him and all of your support! Thank you, below is the story and some screenshots. Let me Know your thoughts! My inspirations are Wild arms, Star ocean, Tales series, Of Course final fantasy.


Many Years Ago There Existed 4 Nations that acted as individual Empires. " Lias" known as the immovable army, "Vinnas" Known as the Monarch of Salvation, "Ruketh" Known as the force of discovery, and "Corinth" The bringer of Knowledge.
These kingdoms, Forever at war, Pillaged, Destroyed, and consumed One Another in an never ending cycle. The Father in Heaven "The Creator of all things" Sought out his people, And chose 3 orphans from out of the 4 regions as his elect ones to spread his word and teach man the error of their wrong doings and to show them the way, the truth, and the light. But two orphans succame to the sins of the world and perished. The one that survived walked circumspectly in the spirit of righteousness. But Now there is a fourth on the horizon who is going through great trial and tribulation. Will you earn Salvation?

Game Summery

Altered Ancient gears II is a continuation of Part one which was originally created on RPG VX ace Engine . Altered ancient gears II is Supported On RPG Maker MV engine. The story is About a boy Named Mobius, Who loses both of his parents and is sold to a slave farm far from his homeland. Mobius Discovers while on the farm that many children sent before him were tortured and Killed. He set his eyes on an escape plan and Rebels against the governor of the farm. During the face off, the governor discovers that Mobius has an untapped potential of Spirit energy. Mobius is then sold to the Elite Guard military, where high level experiments are done on him, and his memory wiped. He then becomes a pawn of the state, and moves up to First class in his rank until he meets a Military General named Sia, who later reveals to him the secrets about who he really is.

Classes In the Game

Soul Rouge : Wilder of Scythes and Reaper like skills ( Mobius )
Scripture Chanter : Divine class of the Holy Arts (Kyria)
Shinzu Samurai : Dual Wielding Samurai from the Dark Ages Samurai Skills (Xinra)
Gun Blade Edge : Lone Assassin Wielding a Gun Blade skills (Azariah)
Altered ancient Gears Cover.PNGSave Files.PNGMobius.PNGScene1.PNGmap.PNGFight.PNG

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