Alternate Universe: Urusei Yatsura is redone by the people who did Thomas and Friends


Feb 3, 2014
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In an alternate universe, between the production of seasons 1 and 2 of Thomas the Tank Engine and alongside production of TUGS, Britt Allcroft decided to adapt the anime Urusei Yatsura for British television. Whilst a localization of the anime was attempted Britt felt that the difference in culture between England and Japan was too great and thus an adaptation featuring models (not unlike Thomas and Tugs) and David Mitton was pressed into being its main director (however due to Tugs David ducked out midway through the first season and thus his pupil Steve Asquith had to step in). Mike o'Donnell and Junior Campbell where put on as composer redoing the song "Lum no Love" with the two main difference its more synth instrumentation (a la Thomas and Friends) and the lyrics being in English. However music from pre-production of Thomas was used in early promotional material (such as this).
The series would go on to be successful but ultimately divide the fanbase with Japanese fans saying that Britt's adaptation was disrespectful to its source material and British fans prefer it due to its 80's aesthetic and its sense of British quaintness.
The series' success also proved Britt Allcroft's abilities as a TV producer and showing that she had range. This would go on to serve as a second pillar alongside Thomas and helped Clearwater Productions from going bust and thus Thomas never went down the dark path of HiT and latter Mattel. Also Urusei Yatsura's anniversary would tie up Britt's hands preventing work on TATMR going ahead any further than pre-production.

The video is an audio recording of early promotional material (sadly video of said ad was lost but featured shots of early season 1 episodes).

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