Am I good enough to be paid?

Discussion in 'Commercial Games Discussion' started by Cluly, Nov 24, 2014.

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    I'd say (as a commercial developer myself) that you certainly have enough talent to get paid. I've been considering hiring a little help with my own parallax mapping, since I'm falling behind on development due to other managerial duties.

    PM me and we can discuss :)
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    I think you know my opinion, I commented the maps on DA the other day. For me, your skills are more than enough, but you should surelly try to provide more example with more varied scene, like. A city (or a village, or a port town), a forest,  a dungeon (fire, ice, mine, as before, the one you prefer) and something else maybe. A desert. Or a world map. Just to make people know what you do better. And then practice. Because the style of your map seems quite unique and particular, I think that a game with one or some of your maps would need more of them, so more example would attract more people. Personally, if I needed a mapper for myself I'd surelly ask you (and if I had the money of course XD). Good luck :D
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