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I ruin memes for a living
Jul 11, 2014
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Welcome new traveller! You are about to enter a whole new world where almost everything keeps being randomized! If you like rogue-likes, dungeon crawlers, grinding and unlocking new stuff. Than this is a whole new experience.
Don’t forget to check out the progress spoiler as it get updated frequently!


  • I started making this game when a couple of my friends asked me to make a dungeon crawler/rouge-like early 2013. It was a game we played in our group of friends for 2 years. But things slowly turned.
    It is logical you get older you get work and so forth. Time got thinner and things turned grey. Not the 50 shades grey… But really grey. My best friend who I call “brother” is still motivating me. He helped me test the game a lot and kept me wanting to finish the game. Though he is very busy lately as well.
    In 2020 logical with our new friend knocking at our door (Covid19). I got A LOT of time. SO I decide to progress my game and twist it more into what I had in my mind all these years. Let us see where this is going to!


  • You are one of many travellers that find themselves in the land of Kaldia. Where mystery is just another common word. A few months back 3 crystals have fallen from the skies in the peaceful land, Kaldia. The king’s Right hand posted a poster about the Crystals and searched for abled travellers to retrieve these crystals. Whoever brought them will be rewarded with good amount of gold! It did not take long when many have seek out these crystals.
    The land is filled with creatures and travellers all fighting over the three crystals.
    Yet no one was able to retrieve the crystals yet, instead the crystals were torn apart into several fragment and spread across the land. Travellers and so to be called "Heroes" all hunt these powerful fragments.
    But what would you do? The same? Or will you do something else with these crystals?
    You will write your character’s story and decide what you do.



  • Once I finish the game. I will defiantly not stop polishing the game. Let’s face it! The graphics are very standard and far from unique. I might as well draw my own or maybe even hire an artist.
    Music and graphics are temporarily and I will change it in the future.
    Still very much can be done with a dungeon crawler.
    My biggest goal though. Is to have people play my game. I love it to hear people tell stories or even show videos how they play the game. Besides, a player suggestions is important to improve the game more. So give us some reviews! :D

  • Here I will post my progress and what I am working on.
  • 05/07: After a small break. I am back in progressing the game. For the next update I will improve and fix all classes. Improve the crafting system, Get the alignment system to take effect, improve pick locking system, improve gods effects and interacting, add new quests and fix bugs.
  • 28/06: Today is a good day. 091 will be uploaded shortly! With a lot of fixes and changes. The game almost feels completely deferent. With this version massive change. I can now focus on new contain, class improving, improving crafting system and player suggestion adjustments! So please leave a suggestions! <3
  • 24/06: Good news everyone! I fixed the poison slime pipes! As I did several test runs I came across enough things to fix. At this point, my friend is running a test run and seeks errors. Once he got the results and I fix them up. I will upload ver0.91.
  • 19/06:Took me some time to get the game playable again. I am going to do a big test run now before I will upload ver0.91 demo.
  • 11/06:Back to icons. Most of the game is back on track with the new elements and new spells. I want to finish most important icons first. Than slowly edit and make icons for each skill and spell of the game.
  • 10/06:After a video was made by "Flesh to Dust" I was burst in motivation to improve more aspects of the game. I had the idea to add a Player's Handbook with most information needed to understand the game. But not only that. I have started to clear the story more and added NPCs in the beginning guiding you into the game slower than what it currently is now. Right now I am busy with the player's Handbook and see how that will turn out! What you guys think?
  • 03/06:With a lot of time. I finally finished all the new spells for AD. My spell mark reached 306. Yet more can still come in the future. Now it is time to make the spell scrolls to be able to learn the new spells. Classes will need to be adjusted to the new spell system. I can be relaxed now because we will see an new update of AD this month!
  • 31/05:A Closer look on Disintegrate.
  • 31/05: Thanks to A-Moonless-Night and Roninator2 I was able to add Spellcasting Abilities. Which means that classes have different spell attack damage. A Druid would do more damage from Wisdom with spells and a Bard will do more damage with Charisma. So far I am busy with the last category of the Spell list. "Transmutation". This is almost only Eventing because most spells are not a direct damage spell. Create or Destroy Water would be very hard to make. But we will get around that as well.
  • 29/05: I just fixed most equipment item and improved them to fit with the new spells set up. A bit delayed because I am having trouble how I would make Bestow Curse function in the game. Applying random curses is not fun... So I might just make several curse spells instead. What do you guys think?
  • 27/05: Today I just finished with the evocation spells. I only have 2 categories left and I am finished with making the spells so far. Illusion magic is going to be tough with the pearl abs. But I am sure I can find my way around.
  • 24/05: Having bad internet really is a curse. Although talking about curses. I just finished on making "Enchantment" Spells from the D&D book and modified most of them to fit into my game. So far we have 216 available spells that you can find in the dungeon. I am still missing several categories. Working on Evocation now. But to be honest. I fell in love with the spell I made. "Transport via Plants". I never had so much movability in a crawler before! Can't wait for you guys to see the next update.
  • 23/05: I figured that my skill descriptions were getting over flown with text and using the "\}" command was just not enough nor did it look nice. Although Soulpour777 made a very nice script that would help me with this problem! Interdicting skillbook or spellbook. Which ever it might be. Don't look at the icons!
  • 22/05: While taking a break on making and editing icons. I am making the new spells. For example:
    Dimension Door from conjuration. Which creates 2 doors for 1 minute. If you enter door A you teleport to door B. In a random dungeon this spell will be very great to take short cuts in long dungeons. It seems to be useful to teleport over walls and other obstacles or have a small advantage in boss fights. After all, A good mage needs a good escape route.
    On to my next spell creation!
  • 21/05: Currently I am changing all icons for the game to make things a bit more clear.
  • 20/05: It is hard to make things clear when it comes to state effects. But I managed to make it look nice and interesting enough. Even though I will make a tutorial explain the states. I will still try to make it understandable even without a explanation needed for each state buff or debuff. Within the skill selection I will create Active effects which will explain the state you are affected to. Tell me what you think?
  • 19/05: I have decided to change things up and add more elements to the game. Reason for this is, I found a way to add beyond 999 skill which means I have no limit to add spells and skills for our monsters. Tell me what you think of our elements. Should I add Psychic as well?
    Fire - Cold - Lightning - Poison - Radiant - Necrotic - Acid - Thunder - Force
    New Elements.png
  • When you are failing to make a Wolf's head icon but it turns out ridiculously funny. p_q
    Wolf Head.png

Current Version : 0.91
Please only share the link of this Thread.
Download without RTP
Download with RTP

Please fill in this form when you encounter the bug to help me detect the bug. Else it is almost impossible to find the bug. Add your text after the “>” and place this form within a Spoiler. If you cannot fill a field on this form for any reason than just skip it and explain more in the last field.
Thank you for your cooperation.
* = Required

*Selected Race?
*Selected class?
What is the name of the area you are in? Or describe the area.
*What Passives are active on your character? (Go to Skillbook>Passive)
*What kind of Active Effects are active on character? (Go to Skillbook>Active Effects)
List out the equipment that your character is wearing.
Weapon: >
Shield/weapon: >
Armor: >
Boots: >
Neck: >
Ring: >
Relic: >
Relic: >
Relic: >
Relic: >
Lamp: >
*Describe what you did on your character in the current game. (More details, Better Detection):
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Jul 10, 2017
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"The file you are trying to download is no longer available."

Should probably upload the game to itch so you don't have that problem.


I ruin memes for a living
Jul 11, 2014
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"The file you are trying to download is no longer available."

Should probably upload the game to itch so you don't have that problem.
Sorry about that. Download link fixed.


I make youtube videos
Jul 10, 2017
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I played your game. Almost couldn't find your thread to link here though. I recommend putting your game name in the thread title. I was only able to find it again after searching Ancient Dungeons with no results because I had a bookmark that said something about dungeon crawlers. I clicked it out of curiosity and it was your game. Otherwise I'd of never of found it.

I also need those links to post in the description for anyone to find your game if they're interested in what they see in the video. On to the video itself though...



I ruin memes for a living
Jul 11, 2014
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A new version has been uploaded!
A massive change to gameplay and new spells.
Help us with player suggestions and test the game to find some bugs here!

Current Version 0.91, The Massive Change!
Updated date: 28/06/2020


PLEASE NOTE> All class skills do not have an active effect yet.
All Spells and its active effects icons Still needs fixing. uses temporarily icons.
Most class skill icons still needs fixing. uses temporarily icons.
Because the game changed massively all locked class skills need fixing. But the classes are playble just fine. You just might feel overpowered.


Stat DMG has been change to STR (Strength)

Stat ARM has been change to CON (Constitution) and no longer reduces the damage.
Instead it reduces the physical damage taken by 1% per point and Critical resist by 1% per point.

Weapons and armor have been modified to both new stats
Armor now reduces physical damage taken by a % depending on the armor.
Blssing an item now increases more stats.
Removed "Race" as an equipment slot.

You will only gain 25% of the gold you collected in a game when you lose. Winning in easy mode will give you 50% and normal and up 100%.
optimized and improved most icons. Still working on skills, spells and state icons.
Improved all achivements.
Added more tutorial lessons.
Added a better direction.
Added a "Quest Journal".
Added Alignment system that will affect your gameplay as in how you play.(this does not do anything yet)
Fix Werewolf talent tree isseue.
Added random Affixes.
Added Affixes log in the Journal.
Fix a issue when having too high luck was not giving items.
Over time damage (Poison, bleeding and burning) now shows a damage pop up of the amount.
Standard dark vision has been increased to 100 pixels instead of 50.
Added "Diet" for all races.
Hunger is not restored or Eating buff will not apply when the player starts vomiting.
Food poisoning no longer increases hunger.
Vomiting now increases hunger each time you vomit.
Gods effects and random effects messages no longer overlap eachother. (the rest coming soon)
Reduces the chance for equipment to have a special curse and increased minor curse equipment.

added new states
reduce the damage done to the player from damage over time effects.
Bleeding now stops natural regeneration and causes damage over time.

Changing all elements
Slash - Slashing
Pirece - Piercing
Smash - Bludgeoning
Fire - Fire
Ice - Cold
Volt - Lightning
Nature - Poison
Light - Radiant
Shadow - Necrotic
New - Acid
New - Sonic
New - Force
new - Psychic

Magic Types:
White, Black, Green and blue magic have been removed and changed to:

Fix the crash when a hired memeber would die.

Race Changes:
Now starts with a new skill.
Slightly fix his stats and talents to fit with str and con.
Fix severtal bugs.
Increased rage gain by 50%.

Class Changes:
Favorite weapons talent selections now change to "Increases hit chance by 10%.
"Increases crit chance by 10%.
"Increases weapon damage by +1.

Remake for Mage. New skills, new skill tree.
No longer have "Small Weapons" learned in the beginning.
Change its description.

"Rapid Fire" now the rogue stands still for 2 seconds and shoots severtal arrows infront of him dealing D4+dex and now costs 6 mana.

Scrolls and books now require 3 or more int to read.
"Book" now increases it's learning by +3.
Using unidentified Books now tells what they did.
Added more potions.
Fix bug where "Pot of Combination" would always give a weapon and no longer destroys "Pot of Change"
Fix bug when using a identify scroll on either a ring or an amulet it would not remove the Red Ring or Amulet.
Fix "Pot of Combination" Would not disapear when it would break.

Dualwield is now available and can be toggled on or off when using the passive in the skillbook.
"Heavy Armor" is renamed to "Plate Armor".
Some relices changed.
Armor now have 100% chance to reduces durability when hit by Acid damage.
Armor no longer takes durability from poison damage.
Adjust cursed rings and amulets.
Added Medium armors.
Added "Padded Armor" - Light
Added "Chain Shirt" - Medium
Added "Breastplate" - Medium
Removed offhand weapons.
Offhand tombs No longer cast a spell. Now it increases a state depending on the book.

Added Weapon damage to all weapons and a bonus + to the equipped weapon.
Fix a bug where Warhammers could not be used
Removed the animation effect and added a sound effect when not hitting anything.

Improved camp fire selection.
Fix bug where animal meat was not showing in the camp fire selection.

Water Halls
Added more monsters and objects.
Maze of Waterfalls:
Some plants and lilies can now be walked over.
The Dark Tower:
Now the doors only needs to be opened once.

Added New Dungeon: Akarkhentkats Catacombs - Including boss.

Monsters: \/Animation indication duration before attack will trigger.\/
Optimized attack speed for all monsters. (Very Slow = 70 frames, Slow = 40 frames, Normal = 25 frames, Fast = 12 frames, Very Fast = no wait)
All Rare and Common Monsters MHP have been increased.
Added 2 new goblin monsters.
The drop chance for "Cloth" is increased.
"Red Slime" Fire Aura removed. Now it does a special skill instead.
Added more item drops for certain monsters.
Increased relice drop chance from all monsters.

Improved Oozana the Slime goddess Boss fight.
Improved Miniature’s Boss fight.

Bugs aware of:
Amulets with anti also break from skill useage.
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I ruin memes for a living
Jul 11, 2014
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Hello, Everyone!
I am back at it! More progress to the game.
For the next update I will focus on
  • Improving and fixing all classes.
  • Improve the crafting system.
  • Get the alignment system to take effect.
  • Improve pick locking system adding a mini-game.
  • Improve gods effects and interacting.
  • Add new quests.
  • Add a new class.
  • Add player suggestions.
  • Fix bugs.

Should I change the Progress Spoiler to a % counter with the up coming features? Or is it okay the way it is?
Have a great one ladies and gentlemen.

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