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Jun 10, 2016
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Man.. i just spent 40 minutes making an epicly long thread here.. and it didnt save because as i hit submit it had logged me out and asked me to log back in.. and its 4:34am here as im starting to re-type this.

Anyway i wanted to make a thread talking about optimization for android deployment since ive recently found a couple of ways to massively improve performance and fps and there doesnt seem to be one big thread about different ways you can optimize for android, so here are my couple of easy ways to improve FPS.

First of all im using the Intel XDK, and yes, i know most people will say its better to use the manual slow method rather then this, but after applying my two little tips here i can easily play through my whole 1 hour long test game on my Galaxy S7 without any real noticeable lag or slowdowns.

This will mostly focus on animations since that seems to be a huge cause of lag and fps drop when putting your game on android.

The first thing you should do is compress your images with tinypng, not only does this reduce the file size by a huge amount (i went from 250MB to 80ish by only doing this and replacing the audio with the compressed audio that comes in the DLC folder of RMMV) but it also makes the files load in faster and thus improves performance a little bit, if you dont wanna do this to everything (because some things will have a noticeable quality difference) at least do it with the animations, you wont notice much of a quality difference at all and like ive mentioned, animations is the cause of a ton of slowdowns (especially in battle).

The second thing and most likely the best thing you can do to improve animation and battle lag is to go into your animations and disable all flashing effects, you know, the screen flash, character flash and enemy flash in every individual animation, this made my game go from 5-10fps during certain battle animations to almost if not fully 60fps at all times, this is an insane improvement in my opinion and to be honest, you really dont need the flashing for them to look good.

Anyway, im going to be putting my test game on the playstore eventually, id like for people to try it out on different devices since the only thing i have to test it on is an S7 (il edit this post with a link when i get it up on the playstore).

So what are your tips and tricks to improving performance on android? If i get a lot of replies i might make this thread into a list of snippets of ways to improve your game when deploying to android or ios.

Thanks for reading all this, i hope this helps with your project at least a little bit!

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