Mar 13, 2013
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So I'd like to create an animated crafting system that encourages the player to experiment with different materials in order to find new ways to craft things. The thing is, I want this to be very visually natural and tactile, not something done through menus. The idea I had was for a potion brewing system in which interacting with a cauldron would start an animated minigame which would show a bubbling cauldron in the center of the screen, a table with all of the player's potion brewing ingedients on one side, and a book that would display already discovered recipes on the other side.

Ideally, I would like the player to be able to select items from the table with the mouse, drag them over the cauldron and drop them in, causing the liquid to change color and perhaps the steam wisps to change color/appearance with each ingredient added. The player could add as many of as few ingredients from the table as they like, and in any order, until their stock is depleted (In which case they would have to go back out and gather more materials).

When the player is done, they would click a little bottle icon to finish the potion. If the ingredients and (Possibly) order of ingredients matches a recipe, they would be presented with the associated potion, if not, they would get some sort of a waste item. I'd like to be able to tag items in the Notes section to identify if they can be used as a potion ingredient (And thus if they should show up on the table). So, ultimately, I'd need four or five areas of the UI that can be interacted with- The Ingredient table (Pick up items), the Cauldron (drop items/ splash animation/ change color), the Book (Turn pages to view discovered recipes) and a button to bottle the potion, and probably a button to exit the crafting altogether...  

Now, I would have thought that this sort  of thing is best done in Flash, but I also don't know how I'd incorporate a flash game into the RPGMaker. I've included an rough sketch to help you guys visualize what I'm thinking, so hopefully someone can give me some suggestions. I've never tried scripting before, so I don't have any real idea how to go about making this happen. Any help would be really appreciated. I'm also open to suggestions on improvements to the basic idea. Ultimately I'd like to have something raw that can be given different visuals and formatting for different kinds of crafting, but one step at a time; I don't even know if this is doable yet. Thanks in advance for anyone that can offer help and/or advise on this. 



Jan 23, 2015
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For someone with knowledge of RPG-Maker, win32api and scripting this isn't so hard to create, but to explain what you have to do is just beyond the scope of this support forum. All I can say is if you want use RPG-Maker, learn how things are done in RPG-Maker. There is the help system in RPG-Maker itself that contains a good reference for this engine. A good idea is to work through the tutorial here ( There you get a good understanding about how to create your games, if you work through this carefully you will avoid many mistakes even commercial RPG-Maker Creators are still doing. And finally there is the starting point for new users 

I can't stress enough to work through the tutorial (I didn't when I started a year ago and many questions I asked were included in this tutorial and way more)

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