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Mar 31, 2013
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Animated Faces
Version 1.2

Credit Where Credit Is Due:
First I would like to thank Fogomax for their TTKMessagePlus plugin. It was the huge inspiration (and some modifications of), into its own separate and new plugin!

Tell Me About The Plugin:
One of the problems (and requests) was for animated faces without the extra features that were incompatible with other plugins (ie. YEP_MessageCore). So this fixes that by being a stand-alone plugin that alias's features (if you don't know what that means, it's okay.. it "Goes around stuff" ;) )

How To Install:
Create a face set with the required prefix (By default, this is anim_ however, you can change that in the plugin parameters), followed by whatever naming scheme you desire. Example: anim_Hero.png (see image for example)

Then add it into your Faces folder, and this plugin into your plugin manager, and then you are technically ready to rock and roll!

Changing Settings:
If you want to change how many Idle (top row) frames or Speaking (bottom row) frames are the "maximum", then you can either change their settings in the plugin parameters, or use a plugin command or script call to change them (check the plugin's help file).
* Note: Changes are persistent, until you tell them otherwise - And they will not conflict with normal|default faces

Hasn't been released long and I've already noticed a few problems. Here are the recent changes:
* v1.2 - Fixed a problem where speaking frames cap out at Idle frames
* v1.1 - Added a 'stop' to the animation if there is a wait (\. \| codes)

Terms of Use:
Free for use in both non-commercial and commercial, with credit (LordValinar and Fogomax)
Do NOT remove the author name
Do NOT re-upload anywhere except on these forums (modified or otherwise)


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