Animated Parallax with Swapping Options?


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Feb 27, 2014
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I want to use different parallax's and be able to swap them out within an event, for example having several wall and flooring parallaxes and then changing which one is in use depending on which option they select in an event. Ideally, I would also like to have these be animated as an option!

So I am currently using this script ( over Galv's because it allows for animated parallaxes, but Galv's parallax plugin had a feature to replace specific Parallaxes within an event (so change the floor tile parallax layer to another one with a call).

In the current plugin, I don't seem to see a way to replace/change which parallax is being used, unless I am blind and need the option pointed out to me ahh- x-x If I am being a bit picky, I would also prefer this plugin be available for both mobile and PC versions! I am also open to other options for having both the features of animated parallaxes and also being able to swap them out with event commands/scrips that works on both mobile/PC!

Thank-you so much if you are able to help out ahh-!

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