Aug 21, 2020
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Create Animated Titles for your game.


1.- Button Picture Plugin.
2.- Any program to make/modify pictures (Photoshop, Paint, etc).
3.- Any program to open scripts (Notepad, Visual Studio, etc).

First, let me tell you that there are two ways you can do this. The first one can be done without the Button Picture Plugin, but the end result is a little ugly. That said, I will teach both ways here.


I just found that Anisoft already made a really nice "Skip Title" Script. With this you can skip the Steps 1 to 3 and avoid modifying the base scripts.

Here it is:

Anisoft Skip Title

With that said, the tutorial will remain the same, just in case anyone want to avoid using external scripts.


Go to the folder of your project and open the JS folder. Search for the "rmmz_scenes" script and open it.
2.- Go to the line 340 or search for "Scene_Title" until you find one that said "

Captura de pantalla (13).png

3.- Change SceneManager.goto(Scene_Title); to SceneManager.goto(Scene_Map); This will force the game to skip the Title Scene and start in whatever Map you selected as your starting point.

4.- Create a empty, blank map and use it as your Starting Point.

Captura de pantalla (15).png

4.- In your starting map create one or more Events that runs in parallel. Those Events will contain the Images that your Animated Title will show. In my case I put one picture first as a Logo, and then 16 pictures that show a card spinning as my Title.
Here a Video:
Sample Video Link

And the Screenshots:

First Event Page for the Logo:

Captura de pantalla (16).png

Second Event Page for transition between Logo And Title:

Captura de pantalla (17).png

And finally the Event Page of the Title:

Captura de pantalla (18).png

Of course, with events, you can modify what you want your title to show in any way you desire, but have in mind that the more events running in parallel at the same time, the more you take the risk of lagging your Title, so be careful!

Without Button Picture Plugin:
5a.- Create a second event that Runs in Autorun. Event Command -> Show Choices:

Choice #1.[New Game] - Put here whatever you want to happen when your game starts. Make sure to erase all the pictures that you used for the Title Before teleporting your player to a new Map.

Choice #2.[Continue] - Use this script to call for the Load Screen: SceneManager.push(Scene_Load);

Choice #3.[Options] - Use this script to call for the Options Screen: SceneManager.push(Scene_Options);

ScreenShot of the Event:
Captura de pantalla (25).png

It will look like this more or less:

Sample Video Link

With this method, you can use the choices as an improvised menu, but it looks a little ugly. Well, as a plus side it works wit both Keyboard and Mouse.

With Button Picture Plugin:
5b.- Create a second event that Runs in Autorun. Now just follow the instructions in the Button Picture plugin to set your pictures. The event page look like this:

Event Page 1, just to add a little delay to the Buttons:
Captura de pantalla (20).png

Event Page 2:
Captura de pantalla (21).png

And the common Events:
Captura de pantalla (22).png

Captura de pantalla (23).png

Captura de pantalla (24).png

As you see, is the same as when we used the Show Choices command.
And that's it. With this you should be able to create your own Animated Titles and customized them as much as you desire.

Just a little note here, tho:

I dont think that changing that one line of code should affect the game in anyway, but I'm not an expert in code and this is a new engine, so is any moderator or expert in it thinks it can cause problems in any way, please let me know to change/remove this tutorial.

Have fun, Makers!
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Jul 2, 2014
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That line of code is how the skip title screen plug-ins work actually, they change it within a plug-in. I'd suggest doing that as a separate plug-in if possible, and if you could add a plug-in that would do that without editing default code that would be nice. But that's my only thought on it.


Jan 11, 2021
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Hmmmmmmmmm interesting ... I may just try this after I copy my project .. you know just in case

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