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Jul 5, 2017
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Author: Triacontane from JP forums.
You can use the RPG Maker MV animation preview method together with the new MZ preview method in RPG Maker MZ.
You can automatically copy the required resources during playtesting by specifying the path of the MV project.

This plugin is released under the MIT License.
Terms of Use:
Please credit: (C)2020 Triacontane
* The plugin can be modified and redistributed without the permission of the author, and usage patterns such as (commercial, 18 prohibited, etc.) There are no restrictions on this plugin.
* This plugin is ready to use.

You can support Triacontane here:
[Blog] :

Here is the original plugin.
You can download the translated version here. [Update: sorry for inconvenient, now you get download now.]

Also I discovered something this plugin is the update version of the AnimationMV.js in the MZ's Launch folder[1.0.0]. This one is 1.1.1 version lol of it.
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