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    Hello, I was wondering how I could animate the doors and trees and other thing in the maker. I see images that could be made in to a animation, but I'm a little confused on how to do it.

    Also I would love a little insight of importing my own sprites.

    Please and thank you
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    Doors are animated via character sheets.  Right-click on a tile and select Quick Event and choose either Door or Chest.  You'll see how it uses a move route to do the animation.

    Trees aren't really animated.  You'd have to create your own character sheet that uses trees, if you wanted to animate them in any way.  For a continuous animation, put a row of 3 trees together into a character sheet (make sure it's got the right number of rows/columns and is named correctly - look that up in the help file if you don't know how), select the tree for the event sprite, and check the Stepping Anim. box.  Don't set the trigger to parallel process or autorun.  

    Only do that if you have a few trees that you want animated.  If you have a lot, you could turn them into an autotile and use my Upper Autotiles plugin which will let you animate them (you still need to draw each animation frame yourself to start with though).

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