Jul 23, 2015
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Nazgul Presents
Anime Fighting Fantasy

Genre:  Role-Playing Game
Engine: Rpgmaker Vx Ace
Sideview ATB Battle, Classic old school fights, Fast paced battles, with intricate strategy, and vicious enemies.

             Sakura the half demon has lived in Cherry Blossom Castle since she was a little girl. An orphan with a strange destiny. Her mother was a half demon. Left on the steps of the castle, where her father Lord Hitoshi lives. She has been raised secretly without anyone knowing the truth that the princess of Cherry Blossom Castle is a half demon. Her mother the seductress happened upon her father while he was out on an errand of war. He fell prey to his temptations and betrayed his wife in a moment of weakness and lust. Though there was no visible sign that the child was Lord Hitoshi's he was clearly attached and raised her as his own, uttering words of the buddha and zen monks echoing noises about charity and helping the weak. But Sakura was anything but weak. She surpassed the talent and strength of everyone at the castle by the age of 15. And so to keep her busy and to keep peace within the kingdom he has sent her to train with a grand sensei. Sakura longs for days of adventuring and to meet her own mother. She wonders about her real father, never knowing he has been so close this entire time.
             Growing up she got to know other children and played with them outside the castle often. Her best friend is Sayuri, a very promising and modest student of the sky spear. They are inseparable now a days and as a result of their friendship and of Sayuri's good character Lord Hitoshi is glad for their friendship, and so Sayuri was allowed to join Sakura on her private training. How will her story resolve? One day will she take her place as true ruler of Cherry Blossom Castle? What secrets await in her mysterious past? What became of her mother? So many questions to answer as this is only the beginning of a grand adventure in the Land of 1000 Suns.


Epiphany Skill Learning System

A common evented skill system inspired by the amazing Saga Frontier: Epiphany Skill Learning System (Light bulb courtesy of MOGHUNTER) Learn new skills in real time by using your attack on enemies! Learn new spells in real time by equipping custom weapons and attacking with them in battle: Rune Sword(8 Blood Magics), War Bow(6 Powerful Attacks), Magic Rod(8 supporting spells). As of now 3 characters learn skills from there preferred weapon see characters below for more information. A fun way to learn your new powers! Plus you get a cast with no charge time!



On Map Abilities, Augments, Battle Pet, and More!

Action and adventure aplenty while walking on the field. On Adventure maps Demon Charge up to restore your Dash Stamina while playing as Sakura Or switch to Sayuri in real time with a button press and use her jump ability to fly over your obstacles while dashing. While Sakura is Leader you can see her life companion Nala, a flying cat who has been with her since she can remember. Nala should be making some appearances in battle to help out anyone with her favorite food Sashimi also Nala might helped a downed adventure randomly as well just because he is so nice! Avoidable On Screen Encounters. Over 20 animated states. Plenty of augments and unique skill animations. Fully fledged characterization, with an authentic an old school JRPG feel.

Skill Augmentation Menu


Augment your spells and skills with special powers. You can buy basic augments in town, but the rarest and most valuable Augments are generally used by monsters! Defeat them to gain there powers and customize your skill in the way you choose! Who will be the strongest? Augments definitely decide! These innovative augments add extra animations and skill effects to the end of the equipped skill! The result is a lot of fun and an impressive punch! To become the most powerful warrior you must find them all!



Nala in action



Travel beyond the Land of 1000 Suns to other worlds

Dimension travel in your airship, or just board your cabin for some leisure time and perhaps to pick up some items and chat with your party members. The dimensional witch can learn a mark and recall system to help you travel between dimensions. Rumor has it she might even be able to bring your ship to you! The Land of 1000 Suns holds many oriental towns and dungeons: The Cursed Pagoda, Sacred Forest, Underwater Ruins, Active Volcano, Mt Fuji, Cherry Blossom Maze, and more to come! But there are dimensions beyond the Land of 1000 Suns with great risk and reward. The strongest enemies and items can be found through Dimension Travel. 




Enough Already Where is the Combat Videos?!

The combat is where all the details and time are really going. So I want to save it for the game-play. I think there is enough images around if you are curious. Hopefully a playable demo soon. Love you Rpgmakerweb thanks for all the support! Working my butt off to get this game coherent and out there. I am really disorganized but I am improving in all my skills I think I finally got this project to about 25% completion after a year and I wanted to share my progress with all of you.


Sakura The Demon Sword
Class: Kensei                   Weapon: Two Swords
Special Command: Mime
Copies the last action of a friendly actor. Her demonic blood and years of training have unleashed the ultimate ability, With such a powerful command she has never met her match in combat.
Favourite Food: Salmon Nigiri, Tuna Nigiri

[Insert Cute kitty Face Here] ^..^ Neko Mimi need some resources Modo Neeeee~~
Nala The Sushi Sweetheart
Favourite Food: Sashimi
Special Command: Resurrection
Revive a fallen ally.

Sakura was found on the steps of Cherry Blossom Castle as a baby with Nala. 2 swords bearing the name of her mother and father were left there. Nala never forgot those marvelous swords of light and darkness, Sakura was only a babe.

Sayuri The Flying Lotus
Class: Sky Knight                      Weapon: Spear
Special Command: Jump
Jump high into the air for 1-4 actions and then land on a random enemy for hefty damage. Soaring through the sky like a flying lotus.
Favourite Food: Tako yaki
Raised modestly she favours honor and reason above all else. She fights with truest of intentions. Sakura is her best friend and her loyalties lie entirely with the half demon princess.

Katsumi The Vampiress
Class: Sanguine Sorceress Weapon: RuneSword 
Special Command: Mana Shield
Every mana point absorbs 2 health points while the shield is up. With her vampiric speed and prowess she covers low allies with her mana shield.
Favourite Food: Blood Vial, Elder Blood, Blood Bag
A vampire whose tremendous powers match her charm. The Countess of Chateau Aysachi. Dangerous and unpredictable, she wields mighty blood magics and a powerful mana shield to protect her weakened allies. 

Minamoto The White Crane
Class: Kyudo                         Weapon: War Bow

Special Command: Aim
Focus really hard and carefully charge up an attack that packs quite a punch.
Favourite Food: Melon Milk

Gentle by nature, trained as a shrine maiden since she was a small child. None rival her prowess with archery. However her skill as a priestess seem almost non existent. Though she is a diligent maiden her powers seem to be entirely offensive.

Himiko The Dimensional Witch
Class: High Priestess         Weapon: Magic Rod
Special Command: Draw
Draw a magical card from another dimension and invoke its powers.
Favourite Food: Sake, Expensive Sake
A mysterious traveler with wondrous magics. Gazing with knowing eyes at unseen forces. Walks through dimensions and interacts with beings from other planes of existence. Calls fourth powerful magics of healing and traveling, cleansing allies and moving them through time and space.

Ayame The Feral
Class: Shinobi                   Weapon: Boomerang
Special Command: Steal
Steal an item or some gold from an enemy.
Favourite Food: Miso Soup, Beef Udon
A shadow, and a cut-purse. She has grown up in the dark-side of the ruthless street-gangs. Tough and one of the fiercest shinobi to work the nefarious underworld of the blackmarket. 
UPDATE: Ayame The Feral cut from the game, Sequencing cool looking boomerang moves proved to be extremely tough, and very time consuming, I am so far behind schedule I wanted to include her as a character who can transform into a werewolf but its just to much added work for now, perhaps in a much later release she will be availbile. For now I will leave her here she will appear as NPC.



Grandma Deb
Kaduki Sprites Much love to
Himiko Rose
Vexed Enigma
Milano Cat
Vibrato - Much love for animations, and inspirational sbs!
Lagoon Sadness
Panda Maru
Takeda Hasaki
titles(might not use these)
Jonathan M. Foerster
Stefan Sicher 
Dobák Zsolt
Lady Minerva
Eien Nanashi
Mr Bubbles
Maka Pri
Theo Allen

Special Thanks
Everyone in Croc and Vincents skype chat
Everyone from Japan or Korea, or with relativesor ancestors from there.
Eien Nanashi
Iron Croc
Adeline Dagon
Sky Usanin


Wingless Seraph
Team JDK

Archeia Nessia
Theo Allen
Neon Black
Eat Your Beets
Maker Systems
Archeiah Nessiah
William Coulliard
Eien Nanashi
Mr Bubbles

Sample Maps
Harumaki Maps

Special Thanks
Yami, DoubleX, TheoAllen, Vibrato, Nobuo Uematsu, All of Japan, Final Fantasy 4(snes)

More thanks to go out soon!


For some more animated gifs check out this Album:
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Jan 24, 2015
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ooooh I love it, can't wait to actually be able to play it and experience the game myself, the story sounds amazing. Love what u did with the batlesystem, I ain't a big fan of the kaduki sprites, but I can still enjoy a good game even with them :p


Dragon Kingdoms Series producer
Mar 13, 2012
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Though I didn't like Saga Frontier (1, never played 2), the skills weren't so bad so maybe there is still hope. I'll be watching and waiting for this game, of which I've seen a few streamings of it in development. 


Jul 23, 2015
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