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Sep 14, 2020
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Resource Type: Characters

Maker Format: MV (RM3D plugin)

Art Style: Artist's original


Hello, I'm making a hentai game and my plan is to use anime styled resources (I already bought the +18 images of my characters) and I'll use RM3D (plugin for RPG Maker MV to make things 3D). But this plugin transforms the sprites into 3D form and because those sprites are pixel arts, they look a little weird, so I want to know if someone can make unique sprites for me based on my characters in a way that it fits the proper size of RM3D.

If it still looks weird, I'll use vectorized images for my characters and parallax maps together to make the game beautiful, and in that case, I'll need someone to make those arts for me too.

Please, reply with your prices to make those arts and you can ask me if you have some doubts about the game. Another option is to join me at the project and I'll pay a percentage of the sales when I release the game at the stores (yes, this will be a commercial game). I already wrote the story and my plain is to make it looks like Serial Experiments Lain anime style (only arts, not the background).

Well, I wont post here everything about the game, but it has a great story, memorable characters and the only reason I'm making it in "hentai mode" is because it sells. I studied a lot about it and unfortunatelly games built using RPG Maker is almost an automatic dislike at stores like Steam. People don't at least give it a try when they see RPG Maker's graphics, doesn't matter if you wrote the best background of all times. BUT, a hentai game is completely different, you know, doesn't matter the engine used, the clients want to see the images, just it, generating clicks, comments and ratings. That's why I decided to do it this way.

So, if you decide to join me instead of selling your arts and want to know more about the project, please send me a PM with your questions and it'll be a pleasure to answer you. Thank you guys!
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Sep 6, 2012
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This forum is for free work only. If you wish to pay, we have a Classifieds forum, that's available once you reach 30 meaningful posts. Do remember that this is a PG13 forum though.

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