Another discussion about battles with moving sprites

Benny Jackdaw

Mar 30, 2017
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It has always been to my knowledge that having moving Sprites in the RPG Maker 2000 battle system is virtually impossible, especially if you want the monster to move while idle or recoil when attacked. That always seemed to make bosses less satisfying to beat up. as a result, I'm trying to make my own battle system using switches and variables, while using pictures and loops to show movement, even if it is just one Sprite scrunching in an out, since that's all I'm really going for. Still, this just seems like a very tall order, and knowing myself, I am likely to get bored of trying to make my own battle system and abandon yet another project. is there a better way of getting moving Sprites in battle form Then trying to create your own battle system using switches and variables, or is that really what you have to do? If so, has someone already done it and made an open source template?

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