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Mar 1, 2012
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Before posting a solution:

1) Read the whole thread.

You could spend a little or a lot of time writing up a solution, only to find that someone else has posted it first. Or maybe you'll find that you misunderstood the poster's question. Situations like these can be frustrating. So, it's important to get as much information as possible before you spend time trouble-shooting.

2) Understand the question.

Support questions aren't always clear or simple. A poster may use different terminology or they may have trouble explaining their situation. Take the time to understand what they need. Rephrase their requests or ask them to elaborate.

When posting a solution:

1) Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question.

A lot of the questions you may encounter will be easy. Maybe they'll even be things that you have answered a hundred times before. To the person posting, however, they're a big issue and a hurdle they have to overcome. It takes courage to post in a public forum. Keep this in mind and be nice to the poster. It's not their fault that the question has been asked and answered before.

2) Keep your explanation as simple as possible.

It can be challenging to keep things brief when you have a lot of knowledge and experience in a subject. Some of you might be tempted to include a lot of extra information, but you need to be careful. Too much information could confuse the person. It's better to keep things brief and elaborate things when the poster asks for more information.

3) Add a screenshot, a video or a demo to illustrate your solution.

Seeing how something is done can help a person learn faster. Posting a screenshot of how an event should look and highlighting important points is a good tool. The poster can try to replicate it in their own project. One thing that should be noted is that we encourage and promote self-learning. So, while you're welcome (and encouraged!) to post a demo for the poster to dissect, it's not an invitation to just make the event for them.

4) Link to a tutorial, script or another support thread if needed.

Please try to avoid quoting threads as well as posting entire scripts and tutorials in a support thread. Just a link would be much more helpful and easier on the eyes.

After posting a solution:

1) Answer any follow-up questions.

Try to keep track of the threads you've posted in and see if the poster has any other questions.

2) Enjoy your thanks.

Really, you deserve them! :)
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