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Oct 21, 2016
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So I scaled up all the vx ace faces/emotion faces to work for mv using waifu and photoshop. But when you do this you end up with a lot of little pixel problems that need to be fixed, every character has different problems that needs to be fixed, and inconsistency's that you need to find solutions for with the emotion faces to make them all look like they belong together.

I have done over 900 something faces fixing all the problems with them. BUT THIS GIRL (blonde girl from actor1 set) GRRRRRRRR!!! Her problems are super frustrating, Emotion set 1 is completely missing the shading on the forehead, and emotion set 4 her face is like sticking out a few pixels too far and is off center from the rest of the sets (exclude face 0). If you go into mv and set up a string of messages like this....


You will see very quickly where the problems with it are. Anyone willing to help, it would be greatly appreciated. <3

It should be a total of 11 faces that need to be fixed (all of emotion set 1's forehead shading, and the last 3 in emotion set 4's face sticking out too far)

If it's easier for you to get rid of the shading on the forehead on all of them that's fine (although i think just adding the shading to emotion set 1 will be easier) either method will work I just want CONSISTENCY!!!

link to download the images:
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