RMMZ Apenas outra Aventura! (Just another adventure!)


Nov 15, 2015
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Developed by: Askann
Creation Date: 08/09/2020
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
Engine: RPG Maker MZ



Before I say anything, I must warn that english is not my native language, the game has screenshots in brazilian-portuguese but I do pretend translate it to english once it is completed.
This game is being developed in the RPG Maker MZ engine.
My objetive as creator is prove that even using the most basic resources (yeah, I'm talking about RTP), with just a little love and dedication can make possible create interessing games!
Aside from the graphics and audio, the game is purposefully "cliché" as well as purposefully a classic fantasy RPG.

The Plot

The story of this game will be not be linear, instead of starting from the beginning you are already "thrown" into a world in motion, your characters already know each other and already have a history together.​
The details about their relationship and past events will be revealed as you progress through the game, as well as optional quests that reveal more scenes.
The background for the beginning of the story is something like this: Briliana is one of the few remaining mages in the world, her home kingdom today was taken over by something that is known only as "The Fissure", Briliana was entrusted with an important destiny but due to a trauma and also by choice she walked away from him a long time ago, seeing little purpose in a destiny she didn't choose and with no future perspective she ended up lost in the world for years running from her past, but when she finds Daskan, a clumsy young man of dubious qualities and many flaws she realized that he possessed one of the most important pieces of her past in his bag and she must investigate, so she starts following him.
Daskan and Briliana are extremely passive-aggressive towards each other, they have a complicated relationship but are stuck with each other for different reasons, they are terribly explosive and will get into all sorts of crazy troubles while trying to find what they believe they need to do.
Later, two other characters will join the group: Kyra and Soriel, an impulsive royal guard knight who once had a very close relationship with Daskan and an extremely diligent high-ranking cleric who will be dragged into an impossible situation with this pack of crazy people.

The idea of the game is have unique characters full of personality that play their roles as a tabletop RPG characters do, but in a digital RPG adventure.


The game will have the classic gameplay of a fantasy RPG, I made some creative decisions specific to this game, for example: the group will be composed of the 4 members found throughout the game's story but 4 others will be available if the player is interested, there will be "guests characters" too, temporary playable characters who decide for themselves what they want to do in battle and you cannot change their equipment.
I intend to hide a lot of secrets in the game, as well as a lot of pop culture references that don't detract from the atmosphere of the game.
Another notable point is the use of positive and negative states: the overwhelming majority of them have no turns counter, that is, they "stick" to their targets until the end of the battle and can only be removed through other abilities and items. But it won't just be just heals and purifications that will remove these states, allied skills can gain unique perks if they are used on targets with specific states.


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Social Midia

Facebook Page


I will be posting updates as the game progresses, you can also follow more of these updates on social media. (There is gameplay videos on the facebook page, check it out!)​


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