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Aug 26, 2014
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Arbiters From Another World is the second in a series of three games that focus on storytelling. With this game, it centers on a rejected student. After being tossed out of school, he traverses the land and rediscovers the lost art of summoning, amongst other things. Combat is of importance to the game, but, don't expect to see anything exciting happening with it.

Like it's predessossor, Matsumori Days, the game's resources are all over the place. The game has roots as far back as 2002. It has characters based on a RPG Maker 2K demo that my brother developed (and never finished) called Summoner. The RPG Maker 2K "RTP add-on" is where the portraits the game uses are from (Which means I have no clue who actually made them). Thankfully, there is only one non-native RTP boss (it uses an RPG Maker 2K battler graphic). The Famitsu site was used to make the character sprites for the main cast (though others were alterations of VX RTP edited with IDraw), and the various students and teachers found in the game. To top it all off, there are a number of ripped songs from commercial games. If any number of these things offend you, you'd do well to stay away from this game.



Get re-aquainted with old friends!


A typical classroom.


A shop in disguse!


Oh, man, these.

-About 3-4 hours of gameplay!

-A focus on storytelling!

-Even crappier attempts at puzzles!

-Weird difficulty curves!

Download Links:

Via the RPG Maker Net download page.

Other links of interest:

This game's gamepage on RPG Maker Net.

The first game in the series (it's a sequel to this), Matsumori Days. View the RMW game-thread here!

The third game in the series (it's a sequel to Matsumori Days), Konae's Investigations. No page here as of yet.
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