Artbreeder: Easy AI-assisted art generation, game-ready character portraits

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    So, I recently found out that is now open for a public beta. I played around with ganbreeder a lot, and this expands on it.

    What is it?

    A set of cutting-edge Generative-Adversarial Neural Networks that let you generate, tweak, and hybridize different images, to make


    Floating cities



    and more!

    It's still in beta, but the full version is coming out quickly. Rights are generally a little unknown territory when doing AI-assisted art stuff, but according to the site author "a new and clear terms-of-service is coming soon that will clarify all this!", and that the terms will basically be that "users own their own images, I only have a right to show them (i.e on a poster or something)."

    Anyway, I'd love to see people post their best (or most horribly mutated) creations. I think this'll also be useful for doing things like generating animated dialog portraits for characters, or just to make general weird stuff.
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