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This topic will deal with the information you need to know about the RM Universe.
If you feel lost, visit the Link Centre over here to view all contents.

Welcome to Arum, the RM Universe (RMU for short).
Arum is meant to be a unified setting, a game world where various developers can work in their projects, sharing the same background.

Critical Information:
-The world of the RM Universe (RMU) is called Arum, and everyone can put their games inside it.
-You share the world with many other developers at once, making it a good way to share lore, ideas, cameos, and much more.
-Only  complete  games will be accepte d as canon in the world (we will wait for you to finish if you are visibly making progress, though).
-You can donate your maps for the project and use donated maps made by others for your own games. (For more information on this feature, visit the Map Submission topic.)

Arum world map
This is the world map, as created by Scinaya.

This version of the map holds only the countries that are canon due to their games being finished. What countries you can see here are final and fully canon for the world.
If you want to view the rest of the maps (climate maps, the blank version and the ongoing games version) visit the world map topic here.

What does unified setting mean?
“It's a single setting that anyone can use with the basics of the world already fleshed out but with plenty of room for you to tell your own story. Think of it like DnD settings (Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, etc.) or comic continuities (DC Universe, Marvel Universe). It's an established world with the basics, the big nations, major cities, brief parts of the history, and such all already set up for anyone to use.” (quote from Sevith)

What’s the point?
-You don’t have to create a new world from scratch for your project if that’s not the point of your game. Since world building is time consuming, you can skip that step and jump right to your story.
-Your projects can help shape Arum, one piece at a time. The more people who work on it, the more complex and filled the setting will be.
-You don’t have to actively participate on world building to use the setting for your project.
-You get access to donated maps (more on that later).
-You can easily reference other games and create a canon history without having to develop all of it yourself. For example, you could reference an ancient culture, a holy crusade, great war, etc, without having to give all the details yourself.

What are the rules?
-No breaking the setting. World ending, killing off important figures defined by others or other universal events should be checked out first, but remember that any event that prevents other people from using the setting will not be allowed.
-No stealing other people’s characters without permission. (if you get permission to use them it’s another matter, of course). Same goes for using countries. No destroying/heavily changing them without talking to their creators first.
-No using the resources for unrelated projects without permission.
-Credit the creators of used resources. (There will be a log available for easy crediting).

Doesn’t this restrict creativity?
If you mean: “does this mean you can’t simply make your own world as you like”, then yes. But then, how many games spanning a whole world get FINISHED? Not many.
Also keep in mind that the world is HUGE. And then you have the timeline. Even if certain countries occupy certain areas at one time, you could set your game in the present, or the future.

What materials will be available?
-A world map with roughly defined country borders (you don’t have to follow the map to every single detail, just the rough layout).
-Donated maps. (More information about this below).
-Tutorial game with information and the donation maps, updated as needed.
-Obviously, a created setting. There will probably be a list of countries/factions to consult once there’s enough material.

Setting Details
Plase keep in mind all details are kept simple to be accessible to everyone. These are only the absolute rules of the world, but remember different factions/cultures may understand or see them differently. We intentionally leave small details out so everyone can come up with their own theories.

Magic works by tapping into other worlds or dimensions and bringing power (in whatever shape or form) over. The active use of magic weakens the limits between worlds, and with time, it causes cracks or rifts that can affect the world, such as letting in other worldly creatures.
Not everyone can use magic; people are born with different levels of magical affinity. Some say the actual exposure to certain locations with existing rifts and thin “walls” in the fabric of reality influences affinity.
There are many theories to magic. Some believe it is a blessing from god, others an evil taint that must be purged. In any case, magic is seldom overused to due to the negative effects of rifts and cracks in reality.
Every culture has its own take on magic and its origin. You can manipulate the concept as you wish in your own games, simply by binding those theories to a faction or country.
For example: a church could see magic as a gift from god, while some scholars see it as something that comes from study and intelligence.

Technology throughout the world varies from region to region, country to country. Though one land may be particularly advanced in some regard, a close by neighbor may seem as though it is living years in the past.
Technological advancement itself varies as well, with advances in some fields being further ahead then others. On the whole, the common folk of the world prefer to live a simple and down to earth life. They rely on tools and their knowledge of the mundane to go about their day to day lives.
Cities are similar, though often times more intricate forms of technology are present with the occasional fantastical items. Still, even city dwellers are more likely to rely on common tools.
Overall, mundane trumps advanced. The greatest technological advancement and work in the world are currently the prototype airships that can sometimes be found throughout the larger, heavily populated and wealthy kingdoms.
These ships, resembling their sea faring cousins in all ways except for the massive balloons that help keep them airborne, see many different uses from the transportation of an exceptionally wealthy merchant and his goods to machines of war.
Their price of construction and complexity though ensure that only the richest lands have them, and never more then a handful.
In addition, flintlock pistols and other rudimentary guns can be found in the more technologically advanced areas, but are still to costly and unreliable to be in heavy use

Races in the world of RMVX are comprised of regular humans and humans altered by the power of rifts into their own races. The rifts change them in many degrees, some having minor differences, such as being shorter or having pointed ears, mostly minor details. Others may be changed to the point of being wholly unrecognizable as once being human, as well as ceasing to be human entirely.
These changes are not sudden, but rather occurred a long time in the past. The end result was these "altered-humans" becoming their own race. However, these generally occurred in more secluded areas, and regular humans are still the dominant race in the world.
The exact number of different races and people within those races are unknown, due to most races' seclusion. However, some have been integrated into the outside world, with some areas having a higher distribution to humans and non-humans than others.
Nevertheless, regular humans are still the dominant race in the world by a fairly large margin.

Countries are the one aspect you can manipulate as you want. They will be displayed in the world map on your project is finished.
There are a few simple rules to creating countries. First, don’t make them very large on the WORLD MAP. A big country doesn’t have to take up much space in the actual reference map, and remember it’s not only or your use, there has to be space for everyone.
Second, don’t delimitate the country borders in extreme. Even if you do, remember others may have to muddle it up to make your country work with their games.
Third, NO ABSOLUTE EVERLASTING EMPIRES. Remember this world has to have space for everyone. We can’t have one big bully taking over the world, it prevents freedom to the rest of the developers.
There are ways around this: when we say ABSOLUTE, we mean superpowerful, magic, super duper uber powerful kingdoms. Empires rise and fall. You could make a kingdom that DID get quite big, but we ask you never take more space than you actually need. If you want to have ancient empires that crumbled, medieval empires with big bad warlords to make them collapse, that’s fine. But remember the world is a HUGE place, and what happens in a part of it need not affect the rest of the world.

If you have any questions or doubts, visit the Link Centre with all the information links or the Help topic. (links coming soon)
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