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This topic will contain all versions of the world map:
-Blank (no countries) normal/climate maps.
-Final (counries from finished games only) normal/climate maps.
-Development (all submitted active countries) normal/climate maps.
Blank Maps

This is the world map, as created by Scinaya.

Climate version:

A note from our resident geographer about climate:
"The climates are for reference and may not be definitive when it comes to small zones.
If you need a small area withinin a cold climate zone to have different climate from its surroundings, do not make extreme changes unless there's an explanation; such as magic or volcanic activity, etc.
Having a valley of temperate climate in middle of cold area is fine, as are arid areas in middle of tropics. On the other hand, tropical areas in the middle of a tundra or polar zone would need an explanation.

If you are unsure of what falls under which climate zone, here's few references and short explanations to give you the idea.

-Polar: short summers and long winters with snow and ice (some areas may not melt even during summer). To get the idea look for northern parts of Russia, Alaska, Greenland or landmasses north of the Nordic circle. Tundras and the like are prevalent.

-Cold: Winters with snow and ice, but mild or arid summers. Canada, most of Russia and Norh and East Europe are good examples of this climate zone. Pine forests are prevalent, but groves and fields are not rare either.

-Temperate: Summers are warm and winters mild. East and South Europe, US West Coast are great examples of the range within this zone. Groves and fields are prevalent and also Mediterranean climate falls under this zone.

-Dry: Common thing for dry areas is moderate or hot temperature, but the areas can vary from deserts to steppes and Savannah's.

-Tropical: Moist and hot areas. Brazil is probably best example."
Keep in mind the scale is HUGE. What may seem a small area in this map, could be immense in the actual games.
On a side note: the mountains and rivers featured on the map here are not the only ones.
What you can see now are simply the very prominent features of the terrain. If you need mountains or rivers for your setting, you will probably be able to add them without much issue.

Final Maps
This version of the map holds only the countries that are canon due to their games being finished. What countries you can see here are final and fully canon for the world.

 Climate version
Dev Maps
These maps have all the submitted countries, even from games not finished yet.

Climate Version
To submit a new country, visit the Country Submission topic.
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