Oct 10, 2016
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Hello everyone,
I am back with a new mobile game. This time, it is a 4v4 turn-based battle arena!
My focus in this game is to have unique characters with complex abilities and status effects. The game is designed to have unique experience per battle and requiring strategy. You won't be aimlessly casting whatever skill is powerful! It also has a smart AI (which I update every time I spot an AI doing something stupid) so yeah you will feel like you're battling against humans!

Here's the game's trailer!

Game Features:
- No In-App Purchases
- No ads
- Can play without internet
- Average of 16 minutes per battle
- Endless replayability with built-in win rate system
- Built-in controller

There are currently 24 Characters!
- Elgrant the Vampire
- Hector the Cyborg
- Prince the Entertainer
- Mark the Geomancer
- Rafael the Warrior
- Seq the Blaster
- Aldrick the Sniper
- Jek the Holy Knight
- Duke the Stargazer
- Ron the Arch Ranger
- Carl the Jester
- Athan the Ronin
- Arana the Winter Maiden
- Leine the Beast Tamer
- Karyl the Bubble Mage
- Freynan the Archaeologist
- Koji the Cyber Agent
- Mai the Harpy Lady
- Mina the Conjurer
- Nympha the Ghost Bride
- Thanatos the Grim Reaper
- Airi the Violet Pixie
- Czarina the Ice Queen
- Lyka the White Fox

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Engine Used: RPG Maker MV

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So before I inevitably start a new project to reorganize myself (I will make sure to save important info dw), I will make an external list of what I want in the final database.
Although a lot of things are still not finished, I can't delay the early access date.
It's her birthday. :kaojoy:
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