Jan 5, 2016
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The Laboratory

Hello Everyone!
This is my entry for the learning together game jam. 

I know submissions end on the 3rd, but I won't be able to do major work on it, so If you try it and break it before the 3rd, tell me and I'll try to fix it, but if nothing major occurs this is the final version (at least for this contest).

Game Info:
This is a 30 minutes long, sci fi, turn per turn rpg, telling the story of John, a scientist on a verge of an important breakthrough before his past catches up to him.

Inflitrate an enemy laboratory, get your research back and see what happens when it is wrongly used!






(I'd like to setup a steam workshop link too, but I can't figure it out. I don't see a "play only" option, only "edit and play" or "ressource" .
If anyone knows of a tutorial, I couldn't find one, or wants to guide me: send me a PM!)

KADOKAWA - DEGICA: RPG Maker Franchise, RTP and free DLCs
Skotty TV For the awesome window skin.

Font: Times new roman
All the rest (plugins, design, mapping,..) done by myself, Astfgl66.

No credit information in the dlc folder "extra ressources" from which the awesome busts of the sci fi actors are from. If you know, tell me and I'll be sure to give proper credits.

About my learning together game jam experience:

This is my first game jam. This is also my first released game (despite years of experience with the RPGMaker engine).
It started with me fiddling around creating a shield/barrier plugin around the beginning of the event and then I decided to make a game around it.
I don't think I created a masterpiece: I set goals way too high in terms of story and thus many points are left to explore. I could have alleviated that with more planning, but I actually started making the game (not the plugins) on the 25th, so I had very little time. I started wanting to create alternate paths everywhere, and soon realized I realistically couldn't...

It's also my first project set in a modern/sci fi tone, so that was new too!

This project made me learn a lot of things in terms of scripting too: it contains my first attempt at creating a "new" menu, as well as modifying the battle UI and my first ambitious modification of the battle engine with the shield system.

I tried to enhance the maps by adding random sound effects, and I really like what it brings in terms of ambiance so tell me what you think about it!

Sadly, I committed the cardinal sin of having no playtester other than myself. Maybe you'll break things, or you'll find that the battles are impossibly hard, although I certify that they aren't, the proper strategy exists and ask or look at the tips section in the menu.

Overall, I'm satisfied with what I've done given the time frame, although I should have set out for a much less ambitious story because I definitely didn't have the time to tell everything I wanted. I hope that should you decide to play it, you have a good time.
I had fun making it, and learned much while doing so, and I feel that's what matters the most about this event :) .

If anyone has any interest in it, and that's okay with the rules (no use of DLC other than free dlcs), I can provide you with the project folder to toy around and see how I did something, just ask.

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