ATLIS: A Rift in Time [Casual/Fantasy]


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Feb 27, 2014
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Okay! So this is basically my way of putting down all my ideas and whatnot into one place! I can't seem to find my tablet pen right now basically
halting putting the characters into Sai but that leaves room to work on other things right? First of all I'm looking for a partner/helper or two who would
most be acting as my tester/idea bouncers. If you want to hear about the story/plot/characters then shoot me a PM or hit me up on skype @ Riazey.
Second, I want to know what you guys think of the sort of style I've decided on going with for my characters.
I have a sketchbook full of character ideas and story paths for each character. Some main/sub characters will appear only in the present,
some will appear in two (+15 years of age), and a few in all three (+? years of age). All of them were drawn in my own little doodle style
and being the lazy derp I am I'm really thinking I might just leave them that way now!
Below are examples of these doodles I drew for you to get the general Idea of what they would basically look like.
This way I can use full color busts with a wide range of emotions and even do some scene art for cut-scenes. I am not sure
yet whether I will leave the eyes white as I normally do or add color into them somehow but hopefully others
love the adorableness of these things as much as I do. :3
If you would like to see more examples I have pictures I took of other characters with my phone and have uploaded them to imgur, send me a
PM inquiring about them and I'll let you take a peek!

Main Character (Fem Version)
Black Beast - Wolf
Black Beast - Dragon
Note: The main body of the dragon form will be pitch black w/o highlights or shadows.
   The game will be centered on a traveler who happens to wander into any old normal town, just in time to witness the brutality of the Lord/King
that presides there. After the "ceremony" the player decides maybe it would be a good idea to just get the hell out of there. Unfortunately the guards
are on the lookout for a criminal and he or she must stay the night in an abandoned house.
   Asleep, the traveler dreams of the town bathed in blood and flame. He or she rescues a young fairy from the wreckage of a building and in a flash
of brilliant light wakes from the dream in their bed. The royal guard having given up on the criminal allows the player to leave, only to find an
invisible barrier preventing them from leaving. Turning back the creature, a fairy, he or she saved in their dream appears to thank them, much to the
travelers shock. The fairy goes on to apologize to the player, explaining that it was no dream where the two had met but the future, and that they had
unwillingly gotten themselves trapped in a time vortex by changing the future.
   To make things worse she doesn't have enough power to take the traveler back that far into the future. She tells the player the only way to escape
it is by fixing the timeline so she can regain her powers, which unfortunately has been drastically altered by the ripple effect of his or her actions.
   It doesn't take long to realize the player is not alone in their travels. Someone else has deliberately taken advantage of the ripple in time to reform
it of their own accord. The deeper into the mystery the traveler gets the more they learn about the town, its people, it's history, about time itself,
and just how fast it's running out.  
A note:: I will list here the main characters as they appear in the present time at which you arrive. Keep in mind these people will change with their history
so what is written here is not set in solid stone but will 90% likely change throughout the course of the game. Not that I want to give out too many spoilers~
     ✖ MAIN CHARACTER: Can be Male or Female. This will be a choice of three character types, some of which will affect a few parts of dialogue or choices in the story, as well as their own personal events should they choose to pursue them. The Thief, The Halfling, or The Apprentice.
     ✖(unnamed) THE FAIRY: She is a happy, energetic fairy who is unnervingly addicted to potions. She and the player first meet in a "dream" of the future where he/she saves her life. She being the youngest of the three siblings has the least amount of power, only being able to transport the player back 15 years in time. She likes to spend her time teasing the townsfolk who cannot see her. While she will not admit it she enjoys the player's company immensely, not having seen her family since they disappeared hundreds of years ago.
     ✖(unnamed) THE BLACKSMITH: The resident smithie and longtime friend of the general. He used to be a legendary warrior of the king's army but and attack to his collar bone and ribs has left him permanently injured and unable to battle aside from friendly sparring. Though retired much earlier than he'd expected the man could not truly leave his passion behind, opening a shop in town against the advice of his friend. He wears a brace to help the pain but he is getting on in his years and his injury is catching p with him...
     ✖(unnamed) THE EX-GENERAL: A man who quit the army after the king ordered him to wage war on an innocent people. Having seen such cruelty has left more scars on his soul than the numerous wounds on his body, scars that he soothes with alcohol and liqueur. He would have been the chosen leader of a failed rebellion that struck some years ago but in his drunken stupor he was more likely to kill allies than foes. Rumor says if he had been convinced to lead the rebels against the king they may have succeeded...
     ✖(unnamed) THE RUTHLESS KING: A man who came into power at the age of 20. Thirty years later having survived wars, assassins, and rebellions he continues to rule with an iron fist. He harbors a deep hatred for other races, one that spurs him down the bloody path he so enjoys. Even his daughter comes second to his conquest. His subjects fear him more every year when he executes the traitors they have detained; his brother having led a force against him fifteen years ago was the first to experience this tradition.
Gameplay Elements
     ✖ Time: After a lot of thought I have decided it would be too difficult to implement a harvest moon-like time system in RPG maker. Mainly because
for one I can't code to save my life haha, and two because I can't think of any way to do solid time based events based on the few time/clock scripts
currently for use with Ace that I can find. Who knows, I might just be blind though. THAT being said I think I will go with an action based clock,
meaning that when the player preforms specific actions a certain amount of time will pass in the day. EX: Player attends work = 6 hours are lost.
     ✖ Travel: You start off only being able to go freely between the present and 15 years into the past once a day. After the player completes the main
events in that era they will then be able to travel back even farther into a third time zone. Remember that some choices you make can decide the
outcome of the game, for better or for worse. There are also many optional events the player can choose to be a part of or completely ignore, though
when completed can have great effects on the present and future.
     ✖ Change: To clarify on the last point: it's safe to say if someone dies in the past they won't be there in the future right? So if you save that person
then it's darn likely they will instead appear in the future. Sometimes only changing one thing in the past is not enough to change the course of time
as the stuff is very picky what it does and does not accept and is normally extremely adaptable, meaning you might have to complete a whole series
of events before you see enough change it actually alters the course of things to come.
     ✖ Meanwhile: Who says just because you're trapped in some random town with people you've never met because you accidentally sorta kinda
screwed up time itself means you can't have a normal life? Not this Dev that's who! When you're not spending your waking hours traveling back
and forth between the past and present you can spend it doing a variety of things around town like getting a job, making friends, falling in love, doing
quests or favors, learning new skills, and much more! Spend your time however you like!
     ✖ Work: You can choose from a large range of jobs each featuring their own story and having different effects on your life. Work in a general
store, a restaurant, or even the castle. Become a master blacksmith or a legend among soldiers of the army! You can be adept in any of the jobs
you want but you can only professionalize in one. The earlier few levels simply require you to attend a certain amount of days
in a row or complete easy tasks, but you can only get so good on your own and will require the aid of unwilling characters, or those who might not
even exist yet to advance professionally in a job (above lv10). This requires the player to complete certain requirements before they can move on.
     ✖ Expanding: As you work or complete tasks and gain money/access to new things there will be more available to you as a player. For example
early on there are areas of town you cannot access without the proper paperwork (which there are more than one way to get). You can buy gifts to
boost your friendship with the townsfolk faster, renovate your home or the land around it, and other things! Again I don't want to give away too much
too early on, but lets just say your tiny town will get bigger before you know it!
     ✖ Celianna's Tilesets (Because you know how freakin' awesome they are)
     ✖ Lunarea's Tilesets (Because these are also awesome)
     ✖ ReinoRPG HUD v0.6 (Probably)
     ✖ Miscellaneous Options By Jet10985
     ✖ XaiL System - Hero Control By Nicke
     ✖ MOG - Chain Commands (v1.4) By Moghunter
     ✖ Special Keybinds v1.3 By: V.M of D.T
     ✖ ATS: Special Message Codes By modern algebra
     ✖ Script Event Page Conditions v1.1 By V.M of D.T
     ✖ Eventing: Fine Tuning v3.3 By V.M of D.T
     ✖ Random NPC Positions By DiamondandPlatinum3
     ✖ Gender Functions By: Mr. Bubble
     ✖ Gender Requirements By: Mr. Bubble
     ✖ Victor Engine - Custom Description
     ✖ A time script of some sort...
     ✖ [PROBABLY] Galv's Visual Novel Choices
     ✖ [PROBABLY] Secondary Classes By Fomar0153
     ✖ [PROBABLY] Proximity Detection Script v1.5 By V.M of D.T
     ✖ [OR] MOG - Event Sensor Range (v1.0) By Moghunter
     ✖ [MAYBE] Victor Engine - Light Effects
     ✖ [MAYBE] Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Item Menu v1.02
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I will approve this, but you have 48 hours to read the rules, especially the tag requirements, and adjust your topic. Thank you.
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