Aug 26, 2021
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Hello, I'm new to this and I've found a problem that will probably require some programming help.
I've been adding some dynamic songs in my VN, as in there's a base layer that's always on and several more that play at the same time but start at 0% volume, and during the scene I turn them on (100% volume) or off (back to 0%) using script commands. That all works fine.

The problem comes in when you go into the game settings and touch the volume slider. All layers currently playing instantly stop and never come back unless there's a command in the scene to turn them back on. I've tried several things, but nothing works right. For example, if I start all layers at 100% volume and then put the ones that aren't supposed to be playing at 0% (which for some reason it doesn't work instantly, so doing it that way would create another problem), changing the volume doesn't stop any of them, but then affects all of them, so layers that were at 0% start playing again when they shouldn't.

The easy solution to all this would be to just remove the volume slider from the settings, but I think not having one would feel off to most players. So the ideal fix would be changing how either the volume works in the settings or in the Audio Manager, so it knows when there's more than one layer playing and affects only the ones that are at 100% without stopping them, but I don't know how to do that without breaking anything.

Edit: I found a solution that seems to work. If anyone has the same problem I can share it.
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