Mar 14, 2020
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Hello, first off although I'm not new to RPG Makers but my knowledge is still not all that great.

Anyway to make a long story short I'm trying to give my game some visual novel like features. Specifically I'm trying to create a button on screen that you can click to make the text auto advance.

The way I intended to do this is by having the text event having two pages one with the auto turned on, one with it off. I would then have the exact same dialogue except add on \| & \^ to auto progress it as need be. (Yes I did consider using Yanfly's 2nd extended message pack using switches to show the desired message but it got a little too messy for me).

In order to turn on the switch whilst text boxes are active I am using a combination of Yanfly's Picture Common Events

And DreamX Picture Event During Message:

By utilizing these two I make it so that it calls a common event which will turn the switch on if it is off, or turn it off if it is already on.

When the auto is off this seems to work fine. However the issue I'm getting is that when the auto is on you seem to have to keep clicking the on screen button, either that or you have to click it at the right time to turn it off again (It does eventually work). This is true for all the buttons I've got on screen whilst the auto is active (I've also got buttons to do other things as well). I suspect that the cause is due to the \| & \^ I'm putting in the message box interfering somehow. Can anyone recommend anyway to get around this issue, it's probably something really silly I've overlooked, but I've been fooling around with it for way too long.
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