May 10, 2015
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Auto Battle From Enemy Action v1.0.1
- 1.0.1 RMMV Compatibility
- 1.0.0 Release

Allows you can use enemy action as the action of auto-battle

  • You can use enemy action as an action of auto-battle.
  • You can set each actor to use different enemy actions.
  • And you can change the Enemy ID that the actor uses at any time.
  • Or you can also turn off auto-battle and return control to the player at any time.
How to Use
  • You may start by creating a new enemy to use its action for auto-battle.
  • After installing this plugin, register Actor ID and Variable ID that you want to remember the auto-battle state
  • When the value of that Variable ID is not equal to 0, the Actor ID that links with this Variable ID will become an auto-battle actor. And battle with action from Enemy ID that value of Variable ID.
  • You can set default action if the Enemy ID does not exist.
  • When you set the value of Variable ID to 0, the Actor ID will become control by player. (if an actor has Auto-Battle Special Flag, he/she will still auto-battle continue.)
  • You can use 'Party Level Condition' as 'Actor Level Condition' by setting in the plugin parameter. (this setting will also affect all auto-battle actors)

Auto Battle From Enemy Action - MZ/MV

Author's Notes & Compatibility
  • Auto-battle actors can't use items yet.
    • I don't have any idea what to do maybe you might use a skill that force actor use item, I guess.
  • The actor will use any action even he/she not learn that skill before.
  • If the actor can't do the action (such as no more MP to cast skill), he/she will not do anything in that turn.
  • I'm not sure if this plugin can work with other weird battle plugins.
Terms and Credits
Do anything you want, commercial is allowed. I would happy if you put my name in the credit.

if you found any bugs, please let me know.
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