Average stats gained from equipment when dual wielding?


May 31, 2013
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In RPGmaker MV,

Im curious if anyone has figured a way to average the stats gained from equipment when dual wielding using yanfly plugins or any other method they may know off. I just can't seem to come up with a viable workaround in my head and can't seem to find much in that department when searching the web and forums.

I was thinking maybe a passive state that is active when dual wielding for that character that uses a YF javascript call  //  battler.setAtkPlus(x) // from BaseparamControl to set a negative paramplus value that is the difference between that characters baseParam value and its current value divided by two as to replicate the following effect.       

As an example, I'd like a char whose base ATK param is 500 that when is dual wielding a 200 ATK axe and a 400 ATK axe will gain 300 ATK from equipping both and be at 800ATK; instead

of the 1100 ATK you'd normally get from adding the 200 & 400 ATK from the two items.

Any insight would be useful, if anyone else has run into this problem or found a viable workaround id love to hear it; at the least, I could use the JavaScript method to check if a character is dual wielding to test my passive state idea if it will work in the context I surmised.

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