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    Good afternoon.

    I recently prototyped an awareness project that is somewhere between personal experiences and outright fantasy adventure. This is extremely close to the heart for me and I have already determined the first few plot twists as well.

    Anyway, in Might of the Mind the basic twist is an ASD take on worlds upon worlds. As Tedd deals with an unexpected lift and drop across dimensions he'll be dogged by typical JRPG situations, and will occasionally be stuck in explaining himself similar to real life "Spectrumite" issues. (That is my personal, approachable word for the ASD psyche mark - I want to have evidence without evidence to avoid finger pointing and needless intimidation.) Tedd is also the only one standing between total collapse and the fall of a Dark Grandmaster intent on total, multidimensional conquest with zero regard for the deadly consequences.

    Then you have Jenn - a trusted friend with a big mouth. Her mind is in the right place but she does drop bombs like a rap track (and she can get excessively emotional as well.) Actually, they both do - and there is a sense of a common connection to it all.

    There are some surprising casualties as well (can't have a plot like this without 'em) and with a common goal comes a common requirement - situational expertise. Eventually Charles - a veteran knight separated from his liege by total mutiny - will join the effort to not just release his kingdom of the obvious dishonour but ultimately provide mentorship. And those are just a few of the initial plot twists.

    I have an alpha preview on Steam Workshop for evaluation. Any suggestions or comments would be welcome. Cutscene assistance and/or authentic Japanese voice actors are welcome as well (I am currently using generated script reading processed with Google and Audacity).

    Update 1: I forgot to mention this, but I am going with a totally relatable cast. No one-off, "actions do the talking" here. EVERYONE has a personality, and that includes Tedd. Also, I have to warn you: serious mature content so 17+ only please.

    Update 2: in the event of a request to assist, provide background information, script reading to specification etc. you WILL be credited in the final product if fully published. No skimp job there - recognition where due is how I roll.

    Update 3: In case you are wondering, the cutscene subtitles are in both Japanese and English.

    Update 4: A few screenshots to give a teaser


    Finally, a quick note of my extended goals:
    • Background information. I got the core down from personal experience but for other roles (and in the case of professional background material) additional perspectives would be appreciated.
    • Voice actors. This is intended to be in Japanese with dual subtitles. Computer-generated examples are included in my alpha preview (which I processed over Google to run through Audacity) and authenticity is key. Native preferred if possible - I'm really intending to nail this.
    • Cutscene design. I have a basic structure in the preview at a key point and adding artwork would go a long way. Animated if possible.
    • Scriptwriters. I am doing this somewhat by myself but as the creator I am of course limited (and localization expertise would be appreciated). Localization standards will be provided upon request.
    • Ending track. I'm aiming for something inspirational to close out the adventure (style is up to the songwriter - can be slow power anthem style or equivalent like with "Dream On" or "Man in the Mirror", or something rap catchy-fresh like "Jesus Walks" or "Lose Yourself" while still maintaining requirements). JPOP variants are also acceptable for localization purposes.
    • Soundtrack in general - anything fitting the style I have defined in the preview is acceptable (a unique, permanent title track, melodic score for key moments, etc.)
    Again, if you can provide any submissions or assists (perhaps even both) you will be credited accordingly (unless otherwise requested due to the subject matter upon which the plot is defined).
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