AXY_Video Force PC Linux Android to read video format you specified


Aug 11, 2017
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This plugin allows you to force pc, linux, android to read video format you specified.

Important note
I have developed it for my game that uses RpgMakerMV 1.6.1, and I test in 1.6.2, it's all ok. It should be works in other versions.

The MIT License. Credits appreciated but not required.

Terms of Use
Free and commercial use and redistribution.

Known bugs
None, but tested only in RpgMakerMV 1.6.1 and 1.6.2.

Note and Changelog
Please put in this thread your experience with the plugin, errors that arise or anything else related.
* This plugin allows to Change Video's staff.
* Example:
* 1.var support = AXY_Video.showSupport(); //then you got a variable named as support that is your client support videos;
*'') in script, in movies folder;
* 3.known issus: must add event such as show text after''), or the after one will covere before one;
* changelog
* 1.01 2019.10.14
* add: x5 support, with x5 engine core, you can play h265 with hardware acceleration and more then 28 video formats, such as avi,mov,mkv,ts,m2ts,3gp,flv,rmvb...etc.
* add: more h265 detectCodecs;
* 1.0 2019.10.11
* first release.

How to Use
  1. Download plugin in the link below.
  2. Place in your /RPG Maker MV/[YourGameTitle]/js/plugins/ folder.
  3. Open the Plugin Manager, and create a new entry at the bottom of the list
  4. Under the Name dropdown, find AXY_Video.js near the bottom of the list.
  5. Customize the plugin parameters to the right and click OK.
  6. Click OK to exit the Plugin Manager, and save your project.
If you are updating, refresh the plugin in the Plugin Manager by opening the plugin in the list and clicking OK.


My Best Practices

Force video format to webm, and then, you could be deployed once and used anywhere except the Apple platform.
How to?
1.deploy pc then you got a pc game pack;
2.into deployed pc, you will see a www folder, copy www to android assets folder, then build apk, now you got a android game pack;
3.And so on, you could use this www folder to web, to linux.
If you want to deploy to apple platform, you maybe need mp4.


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