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Feb 20, 2018
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*EDIT* Project is currently postponed due to hard drive and back up failure.

Hi everyone, my story is finally out of the ideas stage and is in development. It's very early stages right now, but has been progressing nicely even though this is a one person project. A lot of my ideas and art haven't been perfectly finalized, but I would love your feedback all the same so I can gauge if I'm on the right track.

A project like this is difficult to describe without revealing major spoilers so please forgive me if I'm a little vague.

The game is a psychological exploration game with horror themes. Player discretion is advised. More details will come further in development.


The story is quite simple on the surface. You play as a somewhat neglected child in need of some food. Your objective in the game is to find some so you can have something to eat. Why is this child neglected? How did it get into this situation? Where are the parents in all this and why aren't they doing anything about it? The game will answer these questions through some suggestive and metaphorical gameplay.


The game will be set predominantly inside the child's home. The game will be dark and dreary, pushing the aspect of the unpleasant situation.


The game is best suited to fullscreen 1080p, with the assets being built to take up a lot of screen space. My assets are, in some cases, 4x larger than the RPG Maker Assets.

As the main character cannot really talk, any dialogue will be minimal. I would like to make use of sound effects, and expression bubbles to get across what the character is trying to say. It will play out mostly like a point and click adventure with a payoff to those who like to explore the map.

At this point there is no battle system planned as I'm thinking it will detract from what the game is supposed to be and would feel like a bit of a pointless addition.

There will be a large emphasis on custom assets. The game will have a very hand drawn feel to it and will likely not encompass any premade assets at all. The style is somewhat rough, and oddly cartoonish.

There will also be a large push for immersive sound effects. As the game will be quite short, I will be putting a lot of time and attention to detail into the look and feel of the game.

If possible, I would like to add animated cutscenes to the game (cell frame animation, not only an event cutscene in RPG Maker). Hopefully it will allow a more unique experience than what is typically released.


  • Child: A child driven by the need to have something to eat. Above average intelligence that tends to go unnoticed.
  • Dad: The child's dad. No information given to avoid spoilers.
  • Mum: The child's mum. No information given to avoid spoilers.
  • Dog: The parent's pet. No information given to avoid spoilers.
  • Grandparents: The child's grandparents who live with them due to age.
  • Neighbours: The child's neighbours. A pleasant happy couple who love spending time together in their garden.
  • Possibly more characters if the story calls for it and is suitable to the short playtime.


My assets are still in the placeholder realm, but I will try to update this section as quickly as I can.
So far I've been working on the first room, which is the child's room. I've been nutting out some assets, and while it's still fairly bare, I'm starting to get an idea on how I'd like it to look.



Here are some rough concept sketches for your enjoyment:


Video presentation of the starting room will be coming.
Thank you for checking out this thread and I look forward to updating you as I move along this fun project. :rock-right::kiss:
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