Back to Felix (Rated Teen)

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    "Back to Felix" is my first game ever and I'm excited to share it with you!

    Art and music is done by me (except one song by Zerocrossing).





    The story takes place in Brighton - UK, where the guy named Felix lives.
    He seems to be living his dream, having everything he ever wanted - wealth, fame and a cute girlfriend.
    He even got himself a fountain.

    One day, when his girlfriend Marzia was trying to cook a perfect salmon cupcake while he was cleaning up the mess that she did, Felix's mother emerged into town.

    Mom believes that her son has a mental decease and tries to put him into a psychiatric clinic.
    While Felix doesn't agree with his mom, he tries to figure out her motives.

    As the story goes, our protagonist begins to understand that if something is too good to be true - it probably is.
    He now has to face a life changing decisions and sacrifice everything he holds dear for the sake of the people who love him.

    [​IMG]  [​IMG]. [​IMG]



    DOWNLOAD (from Gamejolt)






    More Screenshots:






    Art + most music by Ptimiya.

    Song "Brain for Food" - by Zerocrossing.
    Shayoko - proofreading and testing.

    Additional scripts:


    Victor Sant,



    Modern Algebra,

    Lemony, Seer UK.


      Love, ~@ptimiya
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