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Sep 5, 2017
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Pulling from the concepts of the Zelda series and Chrono Trigger. This RPG game will have heavy puzzle elements along with branching story opportunities. I will be trying to use mostly stock images provided with the engine, or some edits that I personally make. This is my first full game designed, and I would like to keep it simple (ish). So lets jump into the mechanics of the game!

Game Mechanics:
Balance will be a simple Puzzle RPG using Yanfly Scripts as well as GALV.

Individual Magic System - The reason for this will be explained in the plot, but the basic idea for it. Is that the main character will have a completely different way of using magic then the rest of the characters.

Variable Puzzles - I choose to use the word variable to get across the scale of the puzzles. It won't just be a switch or button here, but a set of interconnected traps and levers. Some might be only a few numbers (1-5) and some might get worse (10-30). These puzzles quite possibly will interact across the different regions of the world.

Sideview Combat - I would imagine it would be a fairly common, but since it is a mechanic I'll list it here. Pretty Final Fantasy.

Crafting - Since the world is basically at war with nature. You will have to craft almost all of your equipment from raw materials. It's not going to be a mini-game style crafting. Just a simple menu.

Gear Enhancements+ - You will be able to gems and other objects to your gear. Allowing for passive skills, cross disciplines, and unique weapons. This is due to the main character's backstory, and the way that magic works. (Aka: More Grinding)

So I'll explain the characters a touch, and then explain the storyline and then the game setting!

Jacob Schwartz - A surveyor for the Azura Empire. Main character of the game.

Aimen Gildmen - A scholar of ancient history that recruits the main character into helping their world.

Dalaran Ohm - Once a priest of the Goddess. Helps the main character as a paladin of sorts.

Allison Alice - The shrine keeper of the Goddess. Has been using magic to replace parts of herself over hundreds of years. Looks young and pretends to be.


Jacob is set to the sub-world of A-17 to investigate the Lost Tribe thought to have made home there several hundred years ago. When he enters the world it accelerates a chain reaction that had already began. Causing the magic in the world to become hundreds of a times stronger than it should be. Without power Jacob crashes, and only manages to get outside his craft before falling unconscious. He wakes up to find almost everyone gone, but in a bed at the capital of Redwall. After trying to leave the city he is told that he cannot leave without having a weapon and some gear. Since most of the city was drafted to help fight the monsters, weapons are pretty much gone.

This leads into a tutorial about how to craft weapons, and the nature of how Jacob might use magic in this world. After obtaining a weapon he leaves to try to re-enter his ship and leave. However, the door to his ship is lock, and it seems to have no power. Confused by this he decides to help out, hoping that the ship just needs time to generate fuel. After going to the defense ring around the city. He nearly dies to the elementals attacking them, but is revived in time. He meets Aimen who convinces him to be one of his guards to the Goddess Temple by the lake to the west of the city.

The Temple ends up being oddly empty with no priests or caretakers. After some investigating the team discovers that Water Elementals and monsters took them all down below the lake. Aimen and Jacob manage to make their way into the Old Temple beneath the lake, and save a few of the priests and priestesses. Dalaran joins them here, and has a plan to help resolve this. In the Old Temple there is a book penned by the Goddess in the beginning. Talking about the four hidden temples that give birth to magic in this world. The first of these is at the very bottom of the Old Temple. After breaking the Source they leave and can choose to head to any of the next three; air, fire, or earth.

The Air temple is located in the twin peaks to the north, and requires the use of steampunk technology to reach the shrouded floating temple. Along the way to the temple you also can help out the town at the base, by finding materials to help them build a defensive wall and fortify their homes. You do not have to do so to continue however. The Air temple is a mess of broken parts, rooms, and Elementals. You have to crawl, repair, and use some math to overcome the obstacles to reach the Source. Breaking it causes all wind monsters to vanish from the world. Just like the Water Source causes all water enemies to vanish.

The Earth Temple is located past the Raging Sands Desert in the south. There are several side missions you can do with the base camp located at the start of the desert. It is one of the largest map regions you have to journey through to reach a Temple. The Earth Temple features weight puzzles and moving statues. Breaking the Source removes all earth related monsters.

The Fire Temple is located in the Volcanic Region to the east of the capital. Here there are no side quests, but there are some objectives you can do that make the other sources easier to destroy and reach. Likewise, completing this region last has some additional content for dialogue. The fire temple is a super magical structure in the volcano, and the puzzles are simple levers and switches. Breaking the Source removes fire enemies from the world.

SideNote: Since the order you do the temples in past the Water source is up to you. The dialogue and events change greatly base on who you save, what quests you complete, and the choices you take.

After you manage to destroy all the Sources of magic. Aimen thinks the best option is to return to the capital to get a medal. Jacob decides to head back to his ship, but finds it still un-powered. Greatly confused he heads back to the capital too, and manages to get into the throne room to talk to the King and Aimen (requires some sneaking). Jacob protests that something isn't right, because, with the Sources destroyed, he should be able to leave (based on choices the dialogue may offer less or more options). This ends with Aimen excusing Jacob and himself from the room, and leaving the castle. Shortly after Dalaran finds you at the Tavern, and has Allison with him.

Allison confirms what Jacob worries about, and says that the Sources were more like vents. Now, magic is trapped under the ground, and it's building. She leads the party to hidden pathway in the forest east of the capital. Going down into it Jacob finds that his bracelet starts to come to life (meaning that his ship would power up if he gathers enough energy here). Allison brings them to a large door into the Goddess' Labyrinth. Before entering Jacob has a choice to leave them with the gathered energy, and leave the world in his ship. If you choose to then he leaves, if not you continue into the Labyrinth unable to leave until you are done.

Their are monsters from all the different elements including two new ones; Chaos and Order. Puzzles and architecture similar to the Fire Temple, and materials you can use to create augments using a portable forge. Upon reaching the end of the Labyrinth a cutscene occurs with everyone but Allison being surprised at the true source of magic. A human girl wrapped on a throne wrapped in chains. Jacob suddenly understands what is going on, but Dalaran and Aimen get very upset about the girl. Jacob waits for Allison to reveal herself as a Founder. Afterward she explains the girl as a Shade, but Dalaran distracts you both while Aimen breaks one of her chains. Resulting in the final boss battle.

Afterward Jacob has a choice to greatly interfere or to just leave. If you choose to interfere the Lost Tribe never returns to the rest of Inverse.


Now that I confused you with a few things I'll explain them a bit here. So Inverse is a magical world where earth is inverted. Everything is inside a large shell of molten earth (sky) and light comes from a cold star in the center of the shell (gravity down). Floating in between these two are the islands and waterways. All the landmasses are lakes, ponds, seas, and oceans on earth that have been increased in size. All the waterways are our landmasses. Chaos is a primal force that comes from the Shell, and is amplified by imagination and mental instability. Order is a primal force that comes from the star, and is amplified by logic and organization. Magic is made from Chaos that has been organized into a Keystone. A Keystone being a physical object that has a set of laws, instructions, and reasons for a magic system. The next step is to make others agree to use the Keystone for magic. After a certain number of people agree, and drop some blood, hair, or other part of themselves on it. The magic system is set, and it's users are the genetic members and children.

In the above plot, Allison Alice is one of the Founders of the magic system for that world. Meaning she has the most skill, and power when using it. Since magic systems need a source of Chaos to convert into this new energy Allison and her followers used a Shade as a battery. Shades are people that get consumed by Chaos after being unable to accept some fundamental truth about themselves. Like an extreme mental breakdown. They produce Chaos in higher amounts the more unstable they get. Allison thought that putting the Shade into a hibernation would prevent this. It did not, and Allison began venting more magic to the surface hoping to burn off the extra power, but Jacob and Co destroyed her vents.

Now the meaning of a Lost Tribe is a group of magic users that twisted space into a pocket dimension to remain outside of Inverse, and protect themselves from pretty much everything. In a pocket dimension, or world-let, the Founders could make everything look normal. Sunlight from the sky, ground where it should be, and no chaos to randomly twist people into monsters. In this case monsters were like the manifestations of the Shade's nightmares and dreams given form. Jacob's culture is an extremely Hextech civilization with the ability to scan for magical barriers and pass through them. Their craft use raw chaos to convert into magical energy just like a Keystone. However, since all the Chaos on that world was being instantly converted, his ship quickly ran out of power, and locked down. They don't have big batteries. His bracelet is also Hextech that allows him to use his advanced Tech magic so long as it has Chaos. Usually that isn't a problem, but on this world it was.

Jacob was able to make a power core from elemental magic allowing him to use the worlds magic for a time, and thus the reason for the game mechanic. It is also able to absorb magic in all forms including Chaos. Which is why the choice to leave once he was underground for a while. With the vents offline the Keystone couldn't convert all the Chaos into magic fast enough anymore. Which lead to radiation leaks of a sort.


I hope you were able to read this all let me know if you have questions, feedback, or comments about it :D


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Looks good for a first project. Hope to see more out of it!

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