RMMV Ballip! ~ Pumpkins Galore!

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    The Ballips are back and they are more hungry than before! Don't worry, they aren't harmful or aggressive creatures: on the contrary, their fate is not the easiest one since if they don't eat in time ... they risk death. However, a miraculous pumpkin seems to be the ultimate solution to break their curse! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and help your ballip!

    For the Halloween Contest organized by the italian community, I dedicated myself to the creation of a Ballip sequel, an arcade game made years ago. Being a different development tool (the first game was made with Rpg Maker XP), I had to recreate everything from scratch but, thanks to the experience accumulated over several years, I've improved many aspects of the basic game, making this version more fluid and fun!

    Game Features:
    • An intuitive and engaging game mechanics!
    • Many different worlds await you, including a secret one!
    • You can choose the difficulty at the beginning: easy, normal and hard mode!
    • A trophy system for those who love challenges!
    • Simple, original and catchy graphics!




    Don't forget to share your results if you want to compare yourself with other players!

    For the collectors: the trophies are shared among the different game saves!

    How to play?

    This game is playable on browser (and mobile), I export the project in HTML5! :)
    With the last update, the game is available in English too!

    You can play this game HERE on indiexpo!

    (If it doesn't work this game is available on itch.io too!)

    Thank you for playing! :)
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    It is very unusal to be made with RPG maker.
    Nice colors and drawing style. I thought it could be boring for me but I was motived to finish each level of the first stage.
    Cheers, it is cute and unusual.
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    Very nice graphics and original gameplay. A good game. :D
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    Very different from the other type of games! I like the charas used (so cute!) and the design, very clear.
    The game design is perfect and the HUD very good!

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