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Oct 29, 2016
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Download: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/rj7txrnfjfsee/Banbard
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In a world where humans roamed the lands as nomads and elves researched the mysteries of the world. The elves looked into the power of the mind and were able to gather energy from the land: this was called Magic. Humans were courageous in spirit and able to channel vast power from the land: this was called Artes. With the advent and discovery of S.E.A.M.S crystals, it was possible for humans to learn magic, and elves to learn Artes. Both races had a beneficial coexistence until the Great Elf War that transpired 4000 years ago.

Human and Elf locked in combat for years until one day the humans took the upper hand and pushed back the elven race to the brink of defeat. But, the Elves had one last trick up their sleeve: The power of curses. By sacrificing their life, the Elves could inflict unspeakable ruin on their target. The human spirit shined too brightly though, and engulfed the Elves, wiping them off the face of the planet.

4000 years later Locke, a resident of the tree village Ragdrissl, finally gets his head out of his books to meet up with his friend Ardra. Together they investigate mysteries happening within their home. Find out about the S.E.A.M.S crystals, the great elf war, and where the humans stand in the scope of their world.

Unorganized System overview

*Use S.E.A.M.S crystal to cast magic, change skills, and learn new abilities.

*Take advantage of the dual health system to defeat your enemies.

*Tackle tough enemies and even tougher bosses who have multiple ways to be taken down.

What is Banbard?

Banbard is a game about characters challenging and interacting with the world around them.

Who are the characters?
* Character Art by @yampidimp

“We can’t rush into danger, if the risk is too high, we’ll look for a different way.”

-Locke is such a bookworm that one could mistake him for an elf if he weren’t missing their trademark pointed ears. Due to an incident at a young age that caused him to lose his parents, Locke spends most of his time in his house reading and analyzing all the books he has amassed over the years. His encyclopedic mind allows him to recall almost anything he’s read.

His books haven’t helped him with his people skills though, as he mostly comes off as cold. It doesn’t help that his neutral expression makes him look so upset either.

“The next time a Giant Rat tries to eat your leg, your gonna have to get it off yourself, because I’ll be too busy laughing”

- Being kicked out of her hometown at a young age she was taken in by the people of Ragdrassil and grew up with Locke. Ardra Spends most of her time training, hunting, and getting into trouble. As much as the townsfolk can get upset with her tomfoolery, they just can’t stay upset with her enthusiastic attitude. She’s recently been training Locke in combat and hunting, stating that he needs to be strong if he ever wants to leave home and explore those elf ruins, he always talks about. Ardra’s reportedly been the only person to make Locke laugh.


“I Strive to be the ideal leader, like the great kings of old.”

-Bolverg is the Mayor of Fallenburg, a mountain mining town. After a great famine hit their town 5 years ago, he strives to make life for his people the best that it can be.


“I apologize but it looks like I’ll have to ask for your help once more.”

-After his town was decimated by a monster rampage, Calglaf’s head became seriously scared. He wandered to Fallenburg where he worked on improving the city after they were hit by the great famine. Through working with the people, he was not only made a citizen but declared Vice Mayor by Bolverg himself.


“I’ll do whatever it takes to make things right. Even if I must stain my hands red.”

-A duchess motivated to help her people, even to the detriment of her wellbeing. After discovering the chains that bind this world, Evewyne encounters Locke and Ardra. She recruits them in her crusade to free both of their people of the curse that controls their fate.

Artes and Magic and elements

-Every party member can use magic-based moves or physical-based moves (artes). You will have to tactfully work around your party's limited move pool to overcome the challenging obstacles in your way. Each party member is kitted to be versatile, but not an all-in-one package. Ardra, for example, is very good at buffing herself and inflicting status ailments on foes, but isn’t great at debuffing enemy stats.


-In rare cases, cracks can form in the earth where elemental energy (mana) can leak out. These seams can leave crystals that allow humans to tap into and alter powerful skills dubbed: Super elemental arte magic system or S.e.a.m.s for short. You’ll be able to equip up to two different elemental Seams to a character and have their artes or magic change depending on what was equipped. Is a boss week to fire? Equip a fire seams on a character to change some of their skills to fire base attacks. Is it easier to deal with enemies when they can’t cast spells? Equip the right seam that lets you silence enemies.

Mana Burst and Mana Focus

All living things have mana flowing through their body. Being charged with all the mana a creature can store will make them less likely to be affected by enemy status ailments. Although one can harness their mana to use Artes or magic to end battles more swiftly. This, however, can deplete their personal mana supply. If a character uses up all their mana they will be knocked out. But, if a creature can still fight even with a small amount of mana left, their battle sense will be sharp, allowing them to strike critical weak spots they normally wouldn’t be able to hit.


Oct 8, 2018
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from the trailer, some maps can have improvements, as for the story,
I dont know, but I will give it a go anyway because it looks like an
adventure and action.

when I got time, and not to interupted, I can play it this week hopefully,
and if I dont forget, I reply with feedback :)

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