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Hi there!

I'm CleanWater, an experienced indie developer and veteran user of RPG Maker 2003.

This tutorial is aimed to beginners that just started messing with RPG Maker 2003 (aka RM2k3) and have no clue of what to do next.
Here you will learn the basics of this classic and wonderful game engine and the basic gameplay aspects of classic retro RPGs.

  1. First Steps and Traditional RPGs Core Concepts
  2. Creating our First Map
  3. Our First Village (Fully Evented)
Creating our First Map

In the previous tutorial I explained about the core concept of traditional RPGs.
As we saw in the previous tutorial, the player interact with the game plot in the World Screen across the maps we create for the game.

By default you start a new project with a map already created, completely filled with water. Ok let's use it for now just to learn about how to "build" our maps.

Maps are composed of three layers: Lower Layer, Upper Layer and Event Layer. Lower and Upper layers are made of tiles. Tiles are small pieces of a pre-made graphic set we use to "build" our maps visually. Let's focus on the visual part of our map first.

Look at this screen below:
We have three buttons that change between the layers we are working on (Lower, Upper and Event Layers). Just on the right, we have the Map Zooms. It's very usefull when you want to see your map from a broader view. We also have the painting tools (Area Select, Zoom, Pencil, Rectangle, Circle and Paint Bucket), to draw the selected tile in the map (at the right, full of water right now) and of course, a lot of tiles in the left of the map for us to select and draw in the map.

Lower Layer

By default, we already start in the Lower Layer of the map when we just created our project.

The Lower Layer is where we usually place the "foundation" of our maps. It's here we put the water, land, walls, etc.

Now... Select the pencil tool and then select the grass tile left clicking on it. Now left click in the map and start drawing on it. See? Easier than you thought no? Do the same with different tiles now, select the mountain, woods, etc.

By the way, you don't need to click tile by tile to draw in the map, you can also hold the left button while drawing to draw continuously. You can also select multiple tiles by holding the left button while clicking in the tile selection.

Don't forget to experiment the Paint Bucket, Square and Circle tools as well.

After you finished drawing the map of your liking move to the next part of this tutorial.

Upper Layer

Now let's move to the Upper Layer part. Click in the Upper Layer icon to change the edit mode of the map!
You probably notice that the tiles in the left also changed, no?

The Upper Layer is where we place the details of our map. On this case, we are building a "World Map", so our details will be villages, castles, mountains, bridges, etc.

After you finished drawing the map at your liking, move to the next part.

Event Layer

This layer is where we put the "functional" part of the game's World Screen. We won't take a deeper look on it right now. We will just create an event called Player so we can walk on the map we just build (otherwise, how are we able to play the game?).

Click in the Event Layer icon to go to Event editing mode!

Right click in any part of the map that is "walkable" by the player (just a matter of logic here, can you walk over water or mountains?), then select Set Player Starting Position.

Now hit the Run Game button!

You are now walking in the first map you just created! :wink:

But it's just the beginning... We won't have only one map on our entire game, will we? In the next tutorial, we will take a much deeper look on creating maps and filling then with events.

See you next time! :wink:
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