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Mar 9, 2013
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Hello, how are you everyone?
I come with a new suggestion for the battle system of MZ.

Basically is an option to define action shortcuts for the player, much like Kingdom Hearts, FFVII Remake, etc, where you can select an action (item, magic, etc) to use with shortcuts by pressing L1+O X etc.

In the case of MZ, this will be different, but the concept is the same.

I think about a new menu command where the player may select up to nine shortcuts (the limit can be decreased/increased on plugin parameters), where he can select attack command, skills, items, and maybe a command which is useful for games like FFVII (classic) where there can be a lot of commands.

The idea is place a command window above the Battle Status with an icon Outside this command window (placed in the left or right) to switch between shortcuts and command menu, and would behave like this:
  • Shortcut Mode: Only the icons of the commands/items/actions placed are shown, them can be selected by the keyboard or by mouse clic. The user can define in the plugin parameters if show the number of assigned key or not above the icon of each action.
  • Command mode: All commands are shown, the user can choose if show only an icon or icon + text or just text. The player can select if pause the time (while in ATB ) while the command mode is active.

  • While on keyboard, the player can switch between modes by pressing a key.
  • While on keyboard, the player can use each skill by pressing 1~9, with controller a third plugin would be maybe required, but if the developer of this script can also bring a built-in compatibility with controllers, I think of for example B/A/X/Y L1 + B/A/X/Y, R1 + B/A/X/Y, R2 + B/A/X/Y and L2 + B/A/X/Y giving a total of 20 possible shortcuts! And when in Shortcut mode, if you press for example arrow down button, it is switched to Command mode, and while in command mode, by pressing L1 for example, the player switches to Shortcut mode.
  • The user may choice where menus from skill/magic/etc opens, if on top of Battle Status or above the command window, also can choose if show the help window or not, I find this convenient to make built-in because of the new position of the command window.
  • The player, aswell as the developer can select which mode is load by default, and also select if the mode is remembered or not after use an action.
What can we experience with this as a player?
Way faster experience in the battle, feeling a smoother gameplay specially if the waiting times on each action sequence is little, and this can be specially noticeable if we set the battle mode to Active Time Battle (or however is called in MZ).


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Jan 2, 2014
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I wonder if you'll be interested in this, and it should work in MZ, even though it's a MV plugin :)

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