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    This is an extension for Battle A.I. Core by Yanfly. At the present, it allows for custom target conditions when use eval. For example, you can require that target must be of a certain class, have a certain weapon, have a certain id or anything else. As long as you know a little javascript, you can apply extra target conditions.

    How To Use

    Right click the script link and save as a .js file. Must be under Yanfly plugins.

    * ============================================================================
    * How To Use
    * ============================================================================
    * Use AIManager.targetCondition("x") when using an eval condition.
    * Examples:
    * AIManager.targetCondition(" === \"Harold\"")
    * AIManager.targetCondition("target.actorId() === 2")
    * If you're using quotes in your condition, you need to escape them with \
    * like I did for Harold (\"Harold\")
    * Example of a whole ai pattern:
    * <AI Priority>
    * Eval === 'Bat' && AIManager.targetCondition(" === \"Harold\""): Skill 25, Highest HP%
    * </AI Priority>
    * ============================================================================
    * Terms Of Use
    * ============================================================================
    * Free to use and modify for commercial and noncommercial games, with credit.
    * Please remember credit Yanfly as this is an extension of their Ai Core plugin.
    * ============================================================================
    * Credits & Thanks
    * ============================================================================
    * DreamX
    * Thanks to Yanfly for the plugin this is an extension of.

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    hp% param <= 50%: SKILL 5, Lowest HP%  (skill 5 is heal 1 ally)

    to my understanding, if 1 ally has <=50% health, then cast heal on lowest health ally.

    tested - proven it.

    now what if say a monster has some form of affinity rage (sees one of the troop is below 50%) and so he uses a strong special attack in attempt to quickly win the fight.

    the problem i face when trying to create it is that the special attack, attacks party member(s) whereas the troop members health is below 50%


    hp% param <= 50%: SKILL 6, Lowest HP%  (skill 6 is rage attack 1 enemy)

    this would look for a party member's hp to be below 50% then attack the lowest hp party member.

    if i change the rage attack to 1 ally, the monster will attack the lowest hp troop member when a troop is below 50% hp.

    so, is there a plugin that allows to check troops health then rage attack a party member?

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