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Discussion in 'Javascript/Plugin Support' started by Drunken Paladin, Sep 27, 2017.

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    Hi folks,

    There's just something about Yanfly's Battle AI Core that is not clicking with me. I just can't get it to work correctly.

    Presently, I'm trying the lines below as an example, but pretty much every single encounter does something outside what should be expected from the note tags.

    <AI Priority>
    STATE === State 65: Skill 126
    HP% Param <= 50%: Skill 124
    Always: Skill 125
    Always: Attack
    </AI Priority>

    Where Skill 124 applies state 65, which lasts for 1 round, because it's sort of like a warning round to get the player to defend against it. Instead of using skill 126 when state 65 is applied, however (like what I thought I was telling it to do), it just attacks 100% of the time. AI level is set to 100.

    I recently started adding cooldowns to some of the skills, so attack should only be used when all the other skills are either on cooldown (or do not meet the requirements).

    I saw that ATB was no longer supported--is it possible that it's causing problems?

    EDIT: Interestingly, if I just remove attack from the priority list altogether, it seems to work...?
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    It could be due to ATB, as Yanfly discontinued support for that around 1.1 of MV. Maybe also see if it works on a blank project without ATB?

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