Mar 13, 2012
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So let me start out by saying I don't specifically need this plugin, at least not for my current game. So it isn't really a request, more of an "idea" for any scripters who are looking for something to build and flex those programming chops. And fellow game devs can comment if they'd like to see this script too so you can gauge how desirable it may or may not be.

I think MV could use a Battle Bonus plugin. The way this would work, is at the start of the battle, somehow unobtrusively, it could flash on the screen "win within 1 minute". Then, if the battle was won within 1 minute, there is a Reward for the player. This would all be configurable in the script and you could create any number of Bonuses, and even multiple at once. You'd be able to set random bonuses to be chosen for each battle, or you could override and explicitly set them when it makes sense that certain bonuses would be impossible to get. (Ex: Remove time bonuses that would be impossible against a long major boss battle).

  • A few examples could be time-based (win within x, hold out for x), move-based (defeat an enemy with x skill, don't use magic),  item-based (use no items, or don't use recovery-class items), do nothing, score x critical hits, etc.
  • And then Bonuses, could be items or a % chance for rare items, increase in drop rate, exp rate, or recovery.
  • I'm sure others can chime in with other cool ideas.

Then, once this system was built, it would be natural to expand on it and create a Victory Conditions plugin/addon. What this would do is take control of the battle and have various conditions that must be met in order to win.

  • For example, "Win within 5 minutes and without using Skills" could force a character to have to use physical attacks while in a brawl with a townsfolk. If the victory condition is not met, then the battle restarts, or goes to a game over.
  • "Hold out for 5 minutes" could make you drag a battle out while someone else is charging up a special move.
  • "Don't use Fire spells" when you're inside the Deku Tree so you avoid burning him down, you know. The possibilities are endless.
If this is allowed, I might make more threads like this, or combine them all into one. I don't have the skill to make them but I do have some ideas for scripts that would be cool to see. I would like to think that scripters might relate to the strange feeling that I get where I'd like to cook something, but I just don't know what to make at times.

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