Feb 24, 2017
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@Sword_of_Dusk I just didn't feel the need to since the changes were minimal. I just tested the newest version now, and it still didn't work. The error message is slightly different, but that's it, lol. XD

Nevertheless, the workaround I am working on is going well, and I probably won't need this at all. Well, I hope. But let's see what Win can come up with. It might be helpful to other people, who knows? =w=
Ok, I still don't have a patch but I found out the reson of the error. It all comes to this part in the code

VisuMZ['CoreEngine'][_0x18ba1f(0x2e6)] = Scene_MenuBase[_0x18ba1f(0x5e5)]['mainAreaHeight'],
Scene_MenuBase[_0x18ba1f(0x5e5)][_0x18ba1f(0x14c)] = function() {
const _0x625dc2 = _0x18ba1f;
let _0x5379cb = 0x0;
return SceneManager[_0x625dc2(0x2df)]() ? _0x5379cb = this[_0x625dc2(0x641)]() : _0x5379cb = VisuMZ[_0x625dc2(0x3ea)][_0x625dc2(0x2e6)]['call'](this),
this[_0x625dc2(0x5a4)]() && this[_0x625dc2(0x5da)]() !== _0x625dc2(0x459) && (_0x5379cb -= Window_ButtonAssist[_0x625dc2(0x5e5)][_0x625dc2(0x5f7)]()),
The problem is that this part from that aliased method :
this is suppoused to be a boolean value but they are treating it as if it were a function...probably because _0x625dc2 is actually a function that reads what 0x5a4 it is, be it a function or a parameter from the plugin and then return the appropiate value or execute the appropiate function. But since this is basically a boolean variable and not a funciton, javascript returns the error message that _0x625dc2 is not a funciton, because it actually returns the value as a boolean but is listed as a function in the function call...(effin javascript)

I do have a kind of a workaround, but I would'n suggest you use it since I don't know what other weird issues might bring with other plugins from Visustella or any other plugin. The fix for now is rather simple, just take out the () from this[_0x625dc2(0x5a4)]() making it look like this[_0x625dc2(0x5a4)], that way those two plugins work.

From what I can see, this is an oversight in Visustella's dev team and they should fix this small issue, simply because I don't know if they have done it that way intentionally or if it is part of the obscure process they run before publishing the plugin in their web page.

UPDATE: Don't expect a patch from Visustella, I asked and they throwed me in the face the tems of use that basically say that they don't make patches to work with plugins outside of Visustella. Basically Visustella is saying that they are transitioning to closed coding, meaning that if you use any Visustella's plugins, you should not use plugins that they don't release or that are not coded using Visustella as a base to test. So, my suggestion is that, if you are using Visustella, then just stick to what Visustella offers or start developing you own plugins. I'll try to make some sort of patch but is still not a guarantee that I might given that I don't have the original code.

@Mr. Detective

UPDATE 2: I have created a patch for your issue, you can either copy it into a new file and add it to your project or just edit the plugin in the method based on the patch, I'll leave that to you. Please test it and let me know if you have further issues. If you copy it into a file, just make sure that this is below ChangeEquipOnBattleMZ

// Compatibility patch for ChangeEquipOnBattleMZ to Visustella Core.
// ChangeEquipOnBattleMZ_VS_patch.js

* @target MZ
* @plugindesc [Ver1.0]Compatibility patch for Visustella Core plugin.
* @Author Winshifter.
* @orderAfter ChangeEquipOnBattleMZ
* @Help This patch does not provide plugin commands or parameters.
* This patch only works between ChangeEquipOnBattleMZ and Visustella
* Core plugin.

(() => {
const pluginName = 'ChangeEquipOnBattleMZ_VS_patch';

Scene_Battle.prototype.equipStatusWindowRect = function() {
const wx = 0;
const wy = this.buttonAreaBottom();
const ww =;
const wh = Graphics.boxHeight - wy;
return new Rectangle(wx, wy, ww, wh);

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